4th July Party

There’s no better way to celebrate American Independence Day than with your own 4th July party. Just because you live in Australia doesn’t mean you can’t join in on the fun. Parties Online has a range of party supplies and ideas which will help you make your next 4th July party an incredible party.

Don’t stop at red cups4th July party

Red cups are the American party staple. You can use them for drinking, and incorporating into competitive games of beer pong (if you’re of legal age, of course!). When you’re preparing for your 4th July party, there are plenty more tableware products to complement red cups. Think blue plates, white napkins, and American flag toothpicks. These useful supplies will quickly add to the red, white and blue theme.


Set the scene!4th July party

Parties Online have every decoration imaginable to really amp up your 4th July party. We stock banners, bunting, flags, lanterns, and streamers. If you want to get really creative, grab a hay bale, fireworks scene-setter, and print up invitations in the style of the Declaration of Independence.

Encourage the dress code4th July party

Nothing adds more fun to a party than a costume theme. For the guests who get into the theme, you can suggest costumes such as Independence Day (the event, or the 1996 film), Uncle Sam, cowgirls, presidents, and any other famous American figure. For those who are less inclined to participate, encourage them to wear a silly turkey hat, or simple red, white and blue accessories.

Finishing touches4th July party

These finishing touches complete every 4th July party. Add picnic rugs outside, sparklers for your guests, and a flag hanging on your door. Delicious foods such as barbecued burgers, hot dogs, ice creams, potato salad, fresh lemonade and a home made cake are  perfect to serve your guests. Last but not least, make sure you have an all-American music playlist!

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