A Birthday Party for a Sweet Teenage Girl

Now that your sweet little princess is turning into a teenager, you’ll want to throw aimage001 party where she can invite her friends and have fun. Teenage girls are known to be stylish and choosy with what they like so when it comes to planning your girl’s party theme, let her in to the whole grand scheme. No doubt young girls have lots of party ideas, but they definitely know what they want for their own coming of age.

Planning a teen party is different from a children’s party because your teen would like to have a say starting from choosing the party theme to designing the area, and selecting theme-related music and games. Planning the party may even set the stage for a collision of minds because young girls can be more demanding as they insist to have it their way. But, you can suggest along the details of good taste, sophistication, and positive atmosphere. Once you have presented your ideas let her decide while you accede to be relegated to the side.

There are endless possibilities to the choices of teenage girl party themes to match your teenage daughter’s personality and her line of interests, as well as her friends. Here are some creative party theme ideas where all the fun starts from.

  • Fashion or Beauty Pageant Party: If your girl is one fashion buff who’s crazy about clothing and shoes, set the stage for her and her friends to ramp like glamorous models. For a young girl who dreams of being a beauty queen someday allow her be to be Miss Universe and her friends crowned as well with sparkling tiara and sashes for a day.
  • Movie Theme Night: This brings to life the characters that girls are crazy about image003from their favourite movie. Ask everyone to dress up the way like Harry Potter and his gang do, or have the guests come in tattered clothes like the unshaven Pirates of the Caribbean. The girls can easily change their appearance by using party face and body paint to become fairies, Madagascar animals, or zombies.
  • Backyard Beach Party: Bring the sun and sand into your own backyard if you cannot bring the party to a real beach. All you need is a little water, a sandbox, and some umbrellas to shield the girls from all the hot sun yellow party supplies for that perfect beach ambiance. Let the girls wallow in fun-filled games typically played in the beach, like volleyball and Frisbee. Serve fruity drinks in cocktail glasses.
  • Dance Party: Young girls love to dance to hit music. Let them jive to the sound of the party theme. Whether it’s Hawaiian Luau Party or Disco and Rock & Roll Party, make sure to clear the dance floor and continuously play the music all throughout.
  • Treasure Hunt Party: This is just perfect for teenagers who don’t want to be called kids anymore. The girls are to be provided with a map of the entire party venue where they can hunt for “treasures” such as hair trinkets, costume jewellery, school supplies, fashion accessories, and other inexpensive items that teens love to have. Hide a generous amount of treasures to be sure that each girl brings home something from the party.
  • Pink Party: Pink is quintessentially a girl’s favorite color – all shades of it. Have image006an all-out pink party and make Barbie’s house inferior by swamping the whole place with pale pink party supplies starting from party plates and cups to balloons and other party accessories. Food ideas may include strawberry cupcake and pink-swirl pancakes. Party favors can be cheap pink nail polish that the girls can apply on each other’s fingernails during the party.

Planning and hosting a teen party can be daunting. With all the endless possibilities to it, the party can be anything from cool, epic to a blast. Just be creative in making your sweet teenage daughter special day truly fun and memorable, which she and her friends can giggle about until they become grownups.

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