A Frozen Themed Party to Welcome June

image001Disney brings its latest animated offering Frozen to theatres just in time to cool up Australian winter days some more. The movie is about a fearless optimist named Anna who went on an epic journey in search of her estranged sister, Elsa. It is a heartwarming story with adorable characters, magical twists, and beautiful music.

The Frozen fever has indeed hit town. What kids, especially little girls, don’t know how to belt out the movie theme song “Let It Go” and don’t go nuts over Anna, Elsa, and Olaf toys? What children’s party doesn’t get inspiration from the box-office movie and use Frozen as a theme to have unforgettable fun? Why not ride the bandwagon and host your own Frozen-themed party to be enjoyed by both kids and adults as you warmly welcome the wintry days of June?

A Frozen party is actually simple to put up. It only needs a little planning and lots of creativity to thrill guests of all ages. Here are some ideas to get you started.

image003Decorations: It doesn’t matter if there’s no real snow to rain on your party. Recreate Arendelle’s landscape by scattering artificial snow and hanging snowflake cutouts all over the party area. Online party shop has everything you need to celebrate the event with backdrops of winter. They have all the stuff you need to complete your Disney Frozen party decorations.

Let Olaf the snowman welcome guests as his cutout image stands at the doorstep. Create the Frozen snowscape around the funny character by using blue and silver snowflake foil hanging decorations. As guests arrive, delight them with a blast of confetti blizzard blown by a hidden fan behind Olaf.

DIY Frozen Costumes: One of the highlights in the movie is when Elsa exchanges her royal outfit for a sparkling dress all made of ice and snowflakes. A simple circle skirt pattern and basic bodice are all you need to put together a cute party costume for your sweet little princess. Glue some rhinestones to the bodice, and your kid will transform to Elsa especially when a silver tiara adorns her hair. You can also create costume pieces like antlers and noses using free printable templates available in the Internet.

image005Table Setting: Cover the table with Disney Frozen party tableware, topped with lots of white and silver snowflake scatters fit to be used even by the King and Queen of Arendelle. Pull off a coordinated look by stacking Snowman boxes filled with goodies, serving dual purposes as a lovely table centerpiece and as favor boxes.

Frozen Food and Treats: Keep food simple when hosting the party for kids. Choose kid-friendly snacks familiar to your guests so they can enjoy the feast amidst the Scandinavian setting. Make your wee guests feel like grown-ups by allowing them to create their own cookies in a special image007Frozen cookie bar. Fill disposable blue and white bowls with sprinkles, powdered sugar, white chocolate bits, jellies, and small candies.

Go the healthy route by lining a large durable platter with carrot sticks, raisins, celery stalks, cheese cubes, and pretzels. Offer several choices of dips such as spinach and sour cream dill dip at the buffet table. Kids will have a blast creating their version of Olaf using these nutritious ingredients. Pair their creation with skim vanilla almond milk with overdose of fat free whipped cream sprinkled with blue-colored sugar. If the weather gets cold, warm guests with creamy hot chocolate drink served with tiny marshmallows.

Games and Activities: Break the ice by playing some games with a Frozen plot. Turn an ordinary hunting game into an exciting search for chilly treasures. Freeze the items into huge ice block then provide hunters with blue and white disposable knives to dig away at the ice. Set the time to determine who can work faster in claiming the buried treasure in the ice.

Host a snowball toss in which players attempt to throw a fist-sized cotton ball over a stack of plastic cups. The first one to toss the cotton ball successfully beyond the mountain of cups wins a prize. Finally, set up a contest that allows guests of any age to stretch out their vocal cords singing along to the movie sound track.

Frozen has captured the hearts of both kids and adults. Capture the same feeling of delight, excitement, and fun by using these ideas when you host a party to welcome June with a Frozen twist.

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