A Peppa Pig Party for Your Little One

image001If your child is one big fan of Peppa Pig, treat him/her with a surprise birthday party using the popular character as theme so your child and his/her friends can have a fun-filled time together. Peppa Pig parties have become popular in the UK, USA, Latin America, and Australia because young children love this animated character. Surely, your kid will have an unforgettable bash if you can organize a party with a Peppa Pig twist.

Meet Peppa Pig

Since 2004, Peppa Pig has been making waves as a five-minute preschool animated television series. It is created, directed and produced by Astley Baker Davis and distributed by E1 Kids. Each episode revolves around an anthropomorphic female pig named, Peppa, and her everyday activities together with her family and friends. Although her friends are of the same age as hers, they are of different mammal species such as dogs, cats, rabbits, sheep, etc.

Peppa Pig and her family and friends are featured wearing clothes and doing human activities like riding bikes, driving cars, going to the playground, or visiting relatives. However, they still demonstrate characteristics typical of animals they represent. For example, Peppa and her family snort as they converse in English, the Rabbit family loves to feast on carrots, and the Elephants use their trunk as an extra hand. The characters also effectively display human emotions such as happiness, sadness, surprise, and irritation.

image003Peppa Pig Goes to Your Kid’s Party

A Peppa Pig themed party is dream come true for children aged three to six. Make your kid’s birthday a happy occasion by inviting not only his/her friends but the celebrity pig, her family and playmates to entertain the little ones. Announce the party details by sending Peppa Pig party invitations so guests can have a sneak preview of what to expect. Encourage guests to don their favourite characters..

As soon as the children arrive, have them wear Peppa Pig party mask as ticket to the area where the action is. You can also create masks using colored plastic plates to outline the faces of Peppa Pig’s family and friends to complete the cast. Of course, you want your child to stand out from among all these characters in the party so dress her up in Peppa Pig costume consisting of red top, soft pink tulle tutu and fairy wings.

Introduce the young children to the various characters featured in the popular TV series. Print a number of pictures of Daddy and Mummy Pig, George Pig, Granny and Grandpa Pig, Aunt and Uncle Pig, Chloe, Baby Alexander, the Rabbits, the Dogs, the Cats, the Ponies, and so on. Hide the images all over the party area. Like a treasure hunt, let the kids race to find all of Peppa Pig’s family and friends in quick time to win a prize.

After all the pictures have been turned in, direct the children to a big poster of Peppa Pig. Give each blindfolded child a piece of curly pink crepe with sticky tape instead of pins to avoid any accident. The closest tail wins a cute piggy prize.

Next, arrange the seats in a circle and ask the children to occupy them. Pass a big Peppa Pig foil balloon around while the show’s theme song is being played. When the music stops, the child with the balloon is asked to pick a surprise item from the Peppa Pig gift bag. This game makes each child a happy winner.

image005Pigging Out with Fun

Foods served in Peppa Pig party are simple finger foods that can be eaten in picnic-style. Recreate what Mummy Pig prepares by lining wicker baskets with napkin and filling them with mini BLT sandwiches. Design a vegetable patch by arranging layers of cucumber, carrots, celery, and other crisp vegetables to be dipped in green spinach or guacamole dip.

No party is complete without the birthday cake so have the perfect pink Peppa Pig cake with edible icing image as the centrepiece of the feast. If image007you want the kids to have top-notch fun with the sweet treats, serve cupcakes turned into Peppa Pig’s friends. For double fun, use Peppa Pig party pack that includes plates, cups, loot bags, and napkins when it’s time to feed the party guests.

A Peppa Pig party is a fascinating theme to consider in celebrating your little one’s birthday. It is also an ideal party concept for almost any age and occasion, regardless if the weather is sunny or muddy. The irresistible charm of Peppa Pig is sure-fire ingredient for riotous activities and snorts of laughter from your guests transformed as party animals.

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