A Surprise Tea Party for Mum on Mother’s Day

image001There’s one day each year when kids at home magically become nice to each other. This is that time of the year when mums enjoy a whole day off and get to hold the remote for once. Ah, Mother’s Day! Now that it’s just around the corner, it’s time to plan for something that will surely warm your mother’s heart.

Mother’s Day is an annual celebration to honor mothers and motherhood, maternal bonds, and the role of mothers in society. Like most countries in the world, the occasion is celebrated in Australia every second Sunday of May. This year, Mother’s Day falls on May 11, so better put your acts together if you want to make her feel special.

image002Every mum is unique in her own ways. However, yours and all the other mums can’t deny the fact that they all love surprises. Even if your mum gets plenty of daily surprises from your antics and has learned to exist on high alert, she’ll still melt down once you and your sibs spring up a great show to honor her come Mother’s Day. You know how easy it is to please your mum, but you definitely want to put extra effort in planning what can make her feel extra special. For that, a tea party is just the perfect way to bring mothers, daughters, and all the other women in your life for a leisurely quiet afternoon of charming setting and delicious treats.

  • Find the Perfect Location. The ideal location for an afternoon tea party is an idyllic garden setting. Know in advance if the weather is going to be cooperative on Mother’s Day so you can have an early start in decorating the target area. When your own backyard is not an option, look for other open spaces such as a friend’s lawn or a public garden that can be booked exclusively for your private affair. Otherwise, you can bring the party inside the house and simulate a garden atmosphere with nature’s fresh bounties of fragrant lilacs and lush foliage.
  • image004Invite Mum’s Dearest and Closest. After identifying the location, send out the invites to an all-female guest list composed of mum’s relatives, friends, colleagues, and neighbors. Let the party guests know that they need to come dressed up in traditional tea party attire of long flowery dresses with matching hats and gloves. The nice thing about a tea party theme is how easy it is to organize the required dress code. By simply exploring https://www.partiesonline.com.au/, you can choose from a variety of fancy dress costumes and accessories without having to randomly shop from store to store.
  • image006Create an Ambiance. A tea party, whether in the garden or inside the house, should have plenty of flowers. Achieve the look by interspersing festive paper flowers in different colors in tasteful arrangement and hanging paper flower garland lantern to serve as outdoor chandelier to illuminate the area with soft colorful lights. Get help from the siblings in polishing those vintage floral teacups, saucers, teapots and silver ware long locked in the cupboard to help guests feel nostalgic about the good old days. If you want mum’s collections to increase overnight, you can conjure a request for each guest to bring a cup and saucer set with English rose motifs.
  • Serve Different Flavors. Tea is an essential ingredient, but it is not the only requirement. Your choice of refreshments can be playful and understated depending on your option to have a high tea or a low tea. If you decide for high tea, also called meat tea, a full meal is to be served complete with meats, breads, butter, pickle, cheese, and of course, multiple flavors of tea. On the other hand, a low tea is commonly known as teatime where small cakes, mini sandwiches, scones, and fruit tarts are served. Keep the serving sizes small, and pay attention to how the food is plated because it’s the presentation that will win the guests’ approval at the tea party. Tasty is good, but being appetizingly pretty and delicious is a notch better.
  • Let Mum Have Fun. A tea party is not all about sipping tea while listening to classical music. It can get boring fast so plan for some entertainment that can allow the ladies to let their hair down. Consider traditional lawn games like croquet, horseshoe throwing, or badminton. Play trivia games for mothers and daughters in the party to test how well they know each other. If you have a tamer crowd, host a jewelry or fashion show with your girl friends as models, or set up a corner for craft making session. Find out how avid the guests are as tea drinkers by letting them guess several different varieties of teas. The winner gets, what else, but a box of tea.

A tea party on Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to honor the most special woman in your life and make her feel she’s truly appreciated. Although mums generally don’t expect anything in return from their children, a surprise tea party that you and your siblings prepared will surely be one that can make yours smile with teary eyes.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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