American Election Party Supplies


Tuesday 8th of November is the U.S presidential election day. From the 1st of February 2016 voters will be able to select presidential electors within their state who in turn will then run for president and vice president. This will be the 58th U.S presidential election.

Get patriotic and grab all your election party supplies at Party Supplies Online. We have a wide range of American themed party supplies to help you throw the perfect election party. Decorate your room or office with some statement stars and stripes foil balloons or American flag bunting.


Throw the picture perfect election party with fun American flag themed table wear including plates, cups, napkins and cutlery and other American themed party supplies. Give your guests the extra WOW factor with our American patriotic jumbo sized decorating kit. Dress to impress all your guests with our fabulous patriotic range of top hats and fancy dress. Every party needs some VIP guests and we have you covered with our Uncle Sam cardboard cut out!


Whether you vote Democrat or Republican its going to be one big long party and we have all your party supplies covered!

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