Attract Good Fortune for 2018 Year of the Dog

Everything happens for a reason, even good fortune. If you want to be a more prosperous in whatever you do this year of the dog, you need to do things that attract the goddess of luck. Let’s do away with superstitions and old wives tales and fix our eyes more on what’s practical. Here, we’ve compiled a list of some of the few things you can commit to doing this year to increase your luck, whether in finances, relationships, or career.

chinese-red-gold-jointed-dragonBurn The Past

Some cultures believe that before you can move on to welcome a new chapter in your life, you need first to let go of the past. The Latin Americans, in particular, have this unusual but effective method of purifying their emotions. Before the clock strikes to welcome the new year, they list down all the bad things they’ve experienced the entire year, whether big or small and then light the paper up with fire and watch it burn. Sometimes, if paper is not enough, they would even burn life-sized dolls that represent themselves. This is a symbol that they are burning whatever negativity they had attracted the previous year and are now purified and ready for the new year ahead.

Stock Up

In many countries around the world, making sure the cupboards are full before the New Year arrives is customary. If you want to receive abundance this year of the dog, make sure you fill your storage room with resources, whether food, clothing, medicine, or money. Fill the fridge with food and drinks. Upgrade your wardrobe and get rid of the old clothes you haven’t used for a long time. Even the saltshaker and oil container shouldn’t be left half full; they should be overflowing as a symbol that you want every area of your life this year filled to the brim.

Chinese_New_Year_Cutouts_Chinese New Year Cutouts GlitteredClean The House

You don’t want to welcome the new year with your home left uncleaned. After all, it’s no longer the Halloween season, so there’s no reason to leave the cobwebs hanging from the ceiling of your home. Clean your house at the start of the year, sweeping all the negativity out of your home and welcoming prosperity and luck to replace them.

Pay Off Debt

There’s really some truth in the proverb that says, “He who lends is the head, and he who borrows is the tail.” If you want to be the head this year and not the tail, make sure you pay all your debts off as the year commences. Paying off debts is not enough, though, if you can’t promise not to borrow anymore this year. If you’re not good at using credit cards, it would be better not to use one at all. That leads us to the next tip.

AMS-571347-2Make Goals

Again, we’re going for practical stuff here. If you want to attract good fortune this year, you need to be in the position of receiving it, and there’s no better way to do that than to make goals. What do you want to accomplish this year? How much money do you want to save? Which places are you planning to visit? All your dreams and plans this year can only be accomplished if you have a goal and timeline to support them.


Finally, to get rid of the negativity this year, it would make sense to identify the things that brought them to your life the previous year and then get rid of them. Minimalism is one of the solutions. Simplify your life. Focus your time, money, and energy this year only on things that really matter, whether it’s in the area of relationships, health, and finances. You’ll be amazed at how it’s going to fill your life with positivity and free it of negative vibes!


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