Bastille Day Party

To celebrate Bastille Day in true French style, a picnic is the best option. Although in Australia we can’t enjoy the beautiful summer weather, you can create a Bastille Day party that will feel just as festive and French. Using Parties Online’s French party supplies and our party tips, you can host a Bastille Day party to remember!

Forget about the winter weather

IfBastille Day party you’re lucky enough to have a bright sunny day on July 14th (or when you hold your party), a sunny outdoor picnic is ideal. Rug up and enjoy the sun. If it is too cold, windy, or rainy, simply hold your picnic indoors. Throw down some picnic blankets, deck out tables with food, and string some bunting around windows. Don’t let the winter weather dampen your celebration.

Festive Bastille Day party decorationsBastille Day party

On Bastille Day in France, there isn’t an empty space without a French flag on it! Decking out your party with flag cutouts and patriotic decorations like red, white and blue tissue balls is a fantastic way to achieve an authentic Bastille Day look. Add some iconic French street signs to set the scene for parades, and play videos of fireworks in the background.

Feast in French style

Bastille Day partyPastries, cheese, baguettes, wine, seafood, salads and desserts – the French really know good food. Bring the taste of France to your Bastille Day party to add authenticity. During the summer months, French people typically eat fresh salads and lighter meals which are enjoyed on Bastille Day. Stick to a summer menu with salads and seafood, or adapt your menu to include winter warmers. Think ratatouille, soup, escargot, and coq au vin. Serve your feast on a patriotic tablecloth and be sure to include coloured plates, cups and cutlery.

Finishing touches

Blow up some red, white and blue balloons and add streamers to
completely set the scene. Enjoy your Bastille Day party and festive celebrations!

Bastille Day party

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