Bath Bombs are The BOMB! DIY Tips to Get You Started

437d2d0a28c5f59ca1f49b6bd252aa7bbath bombsIt’s no secret that bath bombs make for a fun and rejuvenating bath time experience. With a burst of aroma, dazzling fizz  and awesomeness; bath bombs are not only a fabulous gift for any occasion but also an easy DIY activity. Of course, bath bombs available for sale at boutique shops can get a little pricey. Besides, DIY-ing your bath bombs allows you to customise scent, color and even the shape to perfectly suit your taste. 

Here are top DIY tips for homemade bath bombs.

#Tip #1: Use Two Big Bowls for the Ingredients

Putting all the ingredients in one bowl is a big no-no. Instead, mix dry ingredients (read: cornstarch, citric acid, salt and so forth) in one large bowl and wet ingredients (oils, colouring, etc.) in another large bowl. In this way, your bath bombs will have a near-perfect blend of all the essential ingredients. Once done, you can combine the content of the two bowls.

Tip #2: Carefully Mix the Wet Ingredients into the Dry Ones

The last thing you want is to activate the bath bombs right in your kitchen. While the fizzing will certainly make for a lovely spectacle, you will end up with poor-quality DIY bath bombs. If you have an empty spray bottle, you can fill it up with the wet ingredients and squirt them into dry ones.

Tip #3: Mix with Your Hands

Using your hands to blend dry and wet ingredients is a no-brainer for the best DIY bath bombs. For one, it allows you to prevent premature activation of the elements. Additionally, hand-mixing enables you to monitor the texture of the mixture. Hint: the final blend should have a similar texture to wet sand.

Tip #4: Allow Them to Dry Completely

For the best results, freeze moulds of bath bombs for approximately one hour before letting them dry for at least 24 hours. Image result for bath bombs with rose petals

Tip #5: Use Rose Oils or Petals for Extra Healing 

Rose oils are known for their distinctive scent, but they also offer outstanding healing benefits. The oil can aid in healing blemishes on your body as well as open pores for quicker moisturising.

Tip #6: Add Coconut Oil for Extra Velvety Skin

MINI CAULDRON BLACK CANDY CUPS SET OF 6For years, coconut has been infused into an assortment of toiletries because of its moisturising properties. If you are looking for soothing bath bombs, you can go for lavender or green tea infusions.

Tip #7: Store Them in Cauldrons 

Try these mini black cauldrons; they’ll keep your bath bombs’ scent and flavors intact, as well as add a touch of elegance and style to your bathroom.

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