Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a Green Party

image001 St. Patrick’s Day is a popular event celebrated in Australia every March 17. It’s a day of tribute to Ireland and to honor its patron saint. For 30 years, St. Patrick served as a beacon of hope by establishing churches and monasteries all over Ireland. The saint was largely responsible for converting pagans to Christianity.

Over the centuries, St. Patrick’s Day has become an annual celebration observed by other cultures across the globe. Major world cities join Dublin in observing St. Patrick’s Day in their own home grown style. From London to New York City, Moscow, Buenos Aires, and Tokyo, people flock to streets donning Irish costumes to watch parades, floats, and leprechauns waving Irish flags.

The same revelries can be experienced in Sydney and Brisbane. In Australia, you don’t have to be an Irish to host a party to commemorate the life and achievements of the saint and to celebrate what is customary Irish. Whether you’re planning to invite family, friends, or colleagues, all you need is to work out an essentially Irish theme filled with fun and humor. When it comes to creating a 100% Irish theme, think of the color green. It is not only because of the “something green” tradition, but also to bring in Ireland’s panoramic green landscapes into the party scene.

There’s no secret to planning for a St. Patrick’s Day party. As long as you can use some time-honored tips, ideas and suggestions, and a little help from an online shop with huge range of Irish and St. Patrick’ Day party supplies, you’re off to a good start. The party has all the same elements and ingredients. But, how do you make your St. Patrick’s Day party truly special?

image004Invitations – Write the Who, What, Where, and When of the party details in green ink on white paper stock filled with Irish symbols such as gold coins, shamrocks, cauldron, and Irish flag. Make sure to indicate that guests are to come wearing St. Patrick’s fancy dress costumes and accessories, and plenty of green.

Decorations – You’ll never go short of ideas and supplies when it comes to decorating the place. Think of Mother Nature as you image005transform the place into a green environment. Even if you want decorate the venue with an Irish Pub or Beer Tasting theme, there’s plenty of natural elements, like logs, barrels, baskets, and fresh plants or grass for that rustic and green touch. Guide guests to the right direction by placing street signs. Regardless where they end up, there’ll be festive St. Patrick’s Day green swirls hanging from above.

Cover the table with green shamrock table cloth. Create a beautiful natural centerpiece of green and leafy vegetables, interspersed with artichokes, asparagus, celery, and lettuce. Position your veggie masterpiece alongside a honeycomb pot o’ gold centerpiece to lead guests into wondering what bounties await for the taking.

image008Dressing up for the Occasion – As specified in the invites, the day calls for everybody to wear something green. But, it doesn’t mean wearing green all over. You and your guests can explore the one-stop Party Supplies Online to mix and match fun costume options, from fancy dresses to wild wigs, head boppers, suspenders, and badges. Those coming not properly attired will surely be out of place until they turn green from envy!

A Feast for Leprechauns – Go traditional by serving an all-Irish food selection. Start with an appetizer of fish & chips and emerald eggs. Next, let everyone pig out on corned beef and cabbage, vegetable shepherd’s pie, Irish lamb stew, lamb chops with Colcannon, and Irish soda bread. If these are not enough, bring out that creamy Irish potato cake. Complete the heavy meal with a dessert of green cupcakes and lime Jello. Wash it all down with freshly brewed Irish coffee while everyone talks about how good the banquet was.

image010Of course, an Irish Pub does not come lacking in beer. Make sure the malts are chilled long enough in St. Patrick’s Day inflatable beer mug cooler, together with fine labels of Irish whiskey and Guinness Stout. Try mixing Shamrock Cocktail served in silver drinkware and garnished with green olives in green flag Shamrock picks. That’s one drink to wow the guests!

Entertainment and Party Favors – Fill the air with traditional Celtic or Irish music, or play hit songs by contemporary Irish pop and rock bands, such as U2, Enya, The Corrs, and The Cranberries. Use your song compilation to play Name that Irish Tune game. Other fun activities may include hitting a green piñata filled with delicious chocolate coins and gold coins with pirate emblem.

Send happy guests with an assortment of green stuff, like green jelly beans, packets of seeds for the green thumb, or a live clover plant for good luck. For your wee guests, hand them mini cauldrons filled with sweets, chocolate and gold coins. This is just your way of wishing them well on St. Paddy’s Day.

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