Celebrating the First Hurrah for the New Year

image001All the prepping for Christmas seems to drain out all your resources. Yet, here you are frantic once more, thinking and planning with your last ounce of energy how to bid the present year goodbye and to welcome the New Year with a salvo of hurrah. After celebrating the series of festivities, most people think they’ve had enough partying. Doesn’t it make it more challenging as to how you can make your New Year’s Eve party more fun and inviting?

Setting off with a New Year’s Eve party that is as explosive as the fireworks doesn’t need to be extravagant. The key is to choose a theme that can simplify and harmonize your planning details. Whether you’re in the mood to sing through the next year or have a casino all night, there are a variety of themes that can inspire you to dress up your place and make your guests gushing all year long. Get help from an online shop to source the party supplies you’ll need for decoration and entertainment.

Go for Gold. Make use of your holiday gold glitters while they are still around and image003up there. You only need to add a few more to make the atmosphere more festive and glitzy. Salute the New Year with the color of prosperity, royalty, elegance, and luck. If you’re decorating the place with gold and silver swirls and starblast latex balloons, avoid placing them near overhead lighting fixtures or festive candles for safety purposes. Let silver and gold dangling swirls dance overhead to make guests feel a bunch of fortune is raining down on them.

For the table, cover it with gold tablecloth and place a New Year honeycomb centerpiece to make the food selection more appetizing. Who can resist your lavish gourmet offer of crab and avocado sesame toasts, prime ribs, maple-mustard pulled pork, caviar, and mini New York cheesecakes. To toast the coming year, let champagne and merry cherry fizz gulp down all these heavy treats as guests start blowing foil horn noisemakers during the countdown. Send them off with a gold paper loot bag filled with gourmet chocolates wrapped in gold foil.

image005Go Bubbly. A fitting theme for families and closest friends, a playful party atmosphere makes everyone jolly to end the year and greet the New Year in the company of loved ones. Being with important people in your life does not need any fancy costume to make the party bubble with life. All you need are balloons, party hats, whether they are multi-colored top hats, cone hats with glitter paint, or fashionable foil and glitter tiaras, and a New Year’s Eve party banner. You can capture this precious moment by having your photos taken with a cityscape and fireworks display scene setter serving as background.

What you save on trimmings, you can use in serving old-time family favorite holiday dishes. Everyone will surely make a dash to the buffet table to fill up their New Year’s Eve tablewear plate with spicy chili lentils, vegetable dumplings, steamed salmon, and braised pork – all considered lucky food. Kids will feast on yourimage007 offering of mac and cheese and hot dogs on a stick. At the stroke of midnight, release the balloons, shoot the confetti cannons, and let adults clink those silver champagne glasses and kids their New Year’s Eve tablewear cups with fruit Jello juice as everyone sings “Auld Lang Syne” to herald the new dawn.

It’s, indeed, a great year you’re leaving behind. When everyone has been sent off, give a little pat to yourself for pulling through one amazing act of organizing an unforgettable New Year’s Eve party. Treat yourself to a bite or two for you’ll need all the energies that you can get to face the brand new year ahead.

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