Cheerily Usher the New Year with a Bang and Pop

Ushering in the new year is like pressing the restart button. We bid farewell to the previous year and welcome the next twelve months with a clean slate. Here are a few party ideas for a happy and memorable new year’s day celebration.

n33841-retro-costumeDisco Revival

Who says disco is dead? If you’re looking for a way to integrate a retro flair into your party, then a disco theme will be the best choice. The 70s and 80s were the times when disco first emerged and became a big hit, so for this one, ask all your guests to come dressed up in their favourite disco attire. Don some Elvis Presley wig or Michael Jackson hat and “Dim All The Lights” so you can show everyone your “Hot Stuff.” With a disco theme for the New Year’s, your party will surely be “Stayin’ Alive” as all your guests will beg for “More, More, More.”

Bonfire On The Beach

Let’s start with something that’s a little bit laid back and intimate – a bonfire party. It may be a small party, but with all your close friends gathered together, there’s no way it’s going to be boring. The exact opposite is true, because, with the bond that you already have, the conversations and the fun will come with ease. If held at a beach, it’s even going to get better with some of your friends strumming the guitar and the others dancing to the tune and the beat. Bring out the booze and let everyone enjoy some mouthwatering finger foods as you watch the fireworks and welcome the new year in style!

n33676Costume Party With A Twist

Didn’t have an opportunity to wear your ridiculously fancy dress this year? Well, this is your chance! Host a costume party and invite all your friends to come in their best impersonation of their favourite character. It could be a superhero party, a video game night, or even a cosplay evening. Want to add a bit of a twist to it? Tell everyone that they don’t need to come wearing their costume because you’ll be the one to provide it for them. A few seconds before the clock strikes twelve, make sure everyone is standing in front of the room where you’ve hidden the costumes. Open the door as the countdown expires and surprise everyone with some unexpected costumes and props they’ll have to wear for the rest of the party.

Black Light New Year

Black light parties aren’t new, but they still make some of the best parties out there, especially if it’s for the New Year’s Eve. Yes, you’ll need much time in preparing for such an event, but the effort is all worth it! All you need is to give your home a nightclub look with the help of UV reactive paint and some black fluorescent lighting. You should also consider handing out some glow bracelets and glow sticks to your guest as they arrive. And most importantly, make sure everything glows in the dark, including your guests’ clothing and even the food and drinks! Believe me when I say it’s going to be an epic night!


Backyard BBQ

Not wanting to go out on New Year’s Eve? You can still welcome the new year and have a celebration party right at your backyard. The simplest and easiest way to celebrate the event is nonetheless through a Barbecue party. Just have your steak ready for grilling, drinks chilled, dinnerware and table wares set on the table, chairs or rugs and mats on the ground, music on, and you’re all set. Add flare and cheer by having your party poppers and blowouts on standby as you make the countdown to the new year.

It really doesn’t have to be grand, a simple party surrounded with your loved ones is enough to make the event a memorable one.

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