Choosing Christmas Decoration Themes for the Home

image001One of the factors to consider in decorating a house or room is the motif. It is common for interior designers to develop a concept around a theme. For this reason, it is only natural to have Christmas decoration themes that will bring out the real essence of the season.

Decorating the home for Christmas need not be an undertaking for one family member. It calls for the entire family to join in to feel what Christmas is all about. It starts by asking each one what they think are the best ways to personalize the home and create an inviting atmosphere for Christmas well-wishers.

Here are some tips for the family when it is time to choose Christmas decoration themes for this year:

  • As early as fall, you may start collecting ideas from magazines, catalogues, and decorating books. By this time, large stores and malls are beginning to deck their windows, lobbies, and halls with their theme concept for the year. Simply looking at these will provide you with inspiration that you can put together to create a unified theme for the home.
  • Consult the family or roommate. Show your collection to people you live with to get more ideas from them. It is important to work on a theme that the entire family has agreed upon.
  • Agree on a theme. If other members have another theme in mind, line up the top favourites and agree on which theme to use. You may also find ways how several image005themes can be combined without appearing too mixed-up. You might pretend the party is set at the North Pole in which you will need a scene setter North Pole decorating kit. On the other hand, a Winter Wonderland theme would require snowman favour box centrepieces on the tables.
  • Set a time frame. Design a calendar to guide you in implementing the theme. It is important to abide by the schedule so that you will be able to finish the project on time. The schedule will also help you monitor where you need to rush up, or which activity has already been completed. Set a target date for each activity in your decorating calendar.
  • Delegate tasks. Give each member of the family or your roommate a role in decorating the home. For example, a member may be assigned to hang all the Christmas lights while two others will set up the Christmas tree. Your home will be like Santa’s factory with his elves busy at work. It will be fun to work together to prep up the house for the holiday season.
  • Be flexible. Sometimes, your plan may not be possible to carry out. You cannot find the colour you want or you have run out of time. Be prepared with a back-up plan image007without totally veering away from the original plan so that you can still maintain the theme.
  • Step back to look. During the process, look at how far you have gone into bringing the theme to life. Check how each member is doing in his or her respective area of assignment. Find out if there are more things needed. Take pictures of all the activities going around the house. The family will surely remember this one bonding moment for a long time.
  • Admire your work. After setting up everything in place, gather the whole family and have a pre-Christmas celebration to honour everyone’s contribution. Come Christmas, invite your relatives and friends for a party to show off the hard work of the entire family in putting together one of the best Christmas decoration themes you have at home.

Whatever theme the Christmas decorations for this year follow, it is important to remember that the whole family will be celebrating Christmas in an atmosphere that everyone worked hard to achieve.

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