Christmas Celebrations: The Perfect Menu for Your Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinner is a very important time of the year for families. Closed ties or not, families get the chance to reach out to relatives that have been busy living away or at work. Christmas dinners are also the time to catch up with each other’s lives and spend quality time with people we value the most.

To make the celebration even more memorable and festive, a special dinner is indeed very charming. Here are some holiday treats you might want to include in your menu for the holidays.


To break the ice, serving Smoke salmon with Horse Radish would be helpful. It features a light flavor, just enough for the onslaught main course for your dinner. You might want to consider stocking your fridge with smoked salmon this Christmas.

Starting things light also allows everyone to brace their feet and feel comfortable with the crowd at the Christmas table that can get overwhelming, especially with relatives that you rarely see. A deliciously great food starter is also a good way to start a conversation.

Dining chairs decked out for the holidays. More in this series.

Main Course

Brined Roast Turkey sounds delicious. This is the centerpiece and the main star of the dinner celebration. However, if turkey is not your thing, you might also consider preparing Roast Beef with Yorkshire puddings as your main dish.

This is perfect for those insightful conversations that you might have already started to talk about as dinner progresses. This is also the perfect time to catch up with what is new with each other’s lives. A great meal oftentimes promotes great conversations, and with a meal like the above, your conversations will become memorable and meaningful.


christmas1Love it or hate it but the Holiday season is an excuse to go stray from your diet program. However, if you want to keep things healthy and delightful at the same time, fruity basin puddings served with rich, luxurious brandy butter is a must. Consider preparing the Classic Christmas pudding matched with brandy and vanilla butter. Kids, on the other hand, might want something heavier and sweeter. You can never go wrong with chocolate cake for the occasion, especially with children in consideration. Plum puddings and homemade custards can also be a hit for dessert on your Christmas dinner.

You can later pour some wine and bring out your favourite cheese that goes with it to continue bonding and enjoying great conversations with your friends and families after dinner. Do not forget to put some Christmas music on as background for your festivities.

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