Easy & Affordable Last Minute Baby Shower Arrangement

Hosting a baby shower can be fun yet expensive at the same time. But that’s only if you go the usual route – rent a venue, hire a caterer, buy costly decors. You can actually save a lot of time, money, and energy if you would be creative enough. And that shouldn’t be a problem because that’s what this post is all about. Allow us to present to you a few ideas on how you can arrange a baby shower without having to spend much.

Almost-Free Decorations

Let’s start with the party decors. This is the part where parents would usually spend a lot, but that wouldn’t be a wise idea since you wouldn’t know when you’d use the decorations again. However, if you can find decors that are already in your house, then you’ll be able to save. As long as you have an “It’s a Boy!” or “It’s a Girl!” sign hung on the wall, you’re good to go. Right below the sign, place a table or dresser where you set up some toy cars and a teddy bear if the baby’s a boy, or some dolls if it’s a girl. Complete the setup by placing a framed picture of your baby’s latest scan picture. Oh, and another thing, you can use the presents your guests would bring as extra decor. Place them inside an empty shelve, and they will add to the party atmosphere in an instant!

its-agirl-babyDollar Store Game Prizes

You don’t need to buy expensive prizes for the games. Head to the nearest dollar store instead and look for stuff like note cards, lotions, and other items that your guests can actually use.  Kitchen gadgets, cookbooks, and the like also make excellent party game prizes. Most importantly, pick a game that only has one winner so you won’t have to hand out prizes to everyone.

43285_boy-pramHealthy Party Food

Keep the menu simple. The more complex the menu, the more you’ll need to spend not only for the food but for the utensils. Opt for healthy foods, such as fresh veggies, salads, and sandwiches. Not only will you save money, but you’ll also be doing yourself and your guests a favour by serving something healthy. Everyone will surely enjoy this idea, and no one will leave the party having any guilt from eating sweets. That’s not all. Since you have a limited number of dishes, you won’t be forced to spend on plates and utensils. Again, head to the nearest dollar store and go for paper plates, napkins, and eating and drinking utensils that would cost you next to nothing.

Mint Garden Party Favour

Everybody thinks you have to buy items for your party favour, but you don’t. That is if you have something at home that you could hand out at the end of the party for your guests to take home. If you love gardening, you can actually pick some items from your own lawn and use them as party favours. Mint, for instance, can easily be replanted and placed inside small plant boxes. Basil, too, should make a nice party favour.

Hopefully, these tips will give you some ideas for your baby shower or for somebody else’s. The key is to using what you already have at home and re-purposing them to suit your party’s theme. It’s unique, it’s fun, and it will help you save big time!


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