Everything Pumpkin for Your Party on Halloween

image001A Halloween party demands that its host comes up with creative ideas starting from the invitation to decorations, menu, costumes, and more. Party hosts and revelers usually time it around a season that is both spooky and festive, making it more challenging to fit in all the elements around a special theme.

If you are throwing a pumpkin-themed party, you can use these tips on how to bring in more fun while trying to scare the guests at the same time.


You can’t be wrong when you choose to send ready-made Halloween party image003invitations to save on time and effort. But, if you want to remain loyal to the trick-or-treat tradition Halloween is known for, you can fill up small knapsacks or loot bags with assorted pumpkin candies and attach an orange pumpkin-shaped invitation where the party details are outlined. If it’s a kids’ party you’re throwing, you can print out several copies of photos featuring your child holding a pumpkin or garbed in a cute pumpkin costume. Even without detailing, guests will readily know about the party theme where a pumpkin costume is a requirement.


image006A great place to hold a pumpkin-themed party is where all the pumpkins are – at a pumpkin farm. Arrange for a hayride so guests can select their own pumpkin. Consider asking the parents to stay close if the guests are a bunch of kids. If it’s a backyard party, a few hay bales are just the perfect foreground for the spooky house scene setter. It’s also a good idea to hold a pumpkin-themed party indoors especially when it is eerily chilly outside. Simply transform the indoors into a creepy pumpkin patch where guests can huddle to enjoy all the activities you’ve lined up.


Like any party, decorating for a pumpkin-theme may take most of your time. However, the task becomes a lot easier by visiting online shops like http://www.partiesonline.com that opens up to a world of fabulous Halloween decorations and props to help you achieve the desired ambiance. Make a firstimage007 macabre impression by welcoming the guests through a light up haunted hallway door curtain with spooky sounds to prepare themselves for more scary but fun-filled pumpkin adventures ahead. Pumpkin decorating ideas are as plentiful as all the pumpkins you can get. You can scatter real or plastic jack-o-lanterns in the party area, line the walkway with string of mini-pumpkin LED lanterns, and place scented tea lights on the buffet table with orange table cover. There are endless possibilities to what you can do using pumpkin as inspiration.


image009The choice of food and drinks can make or break a party so it has to be as creative as well in matching the theme. Search the Internet for pumpkin-inspired recipes such as pumpkin muffins and Jack-o-lantern pizza. Serve them using a range of vibrant orange dinnerware to bewitch guests as they relish all the goodies with much gusto. Mix drinks and give them pumpkin names such as “Jack’s Brew”, or let the guests take their canned drinks from an inflatable pumpkin cooler. In no time, guests will be in high Halloween spirit while they enjoy everything you’ve prepared on the table.

Games, Crafts and Favors

Apart from the customary pumpkin-carving contest, you can entertain guests bypumpkinpinataflat01 conceptualizing pumpkin-related games and crafts. This may include pumpkin toss, pumpkin piñata punching, and hand print pumpkin art. Make sure to line up the area with old newspapers to protect the floor from all the pumpkin bashing and stains. Winner or not, let the guests take home well-selected pumpkin party favors.

Preparing for a pumpkin-themed party also includes choosing the right music to keep the party lively. This is more likely especially if you have a list that aptly plays the theme. You can download popular Halloween songs like I Have Grown a Pumpkin, Pumpkin Pumpkin, and Five Little Pumpkins. If you’re in need of more swinging Halloween music for both children and adults, check out some websites that offer free downloads. Set up those speakers and get your pumpkin party rolling to the beat.

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