Fancy Bridal Shower Themes

heninvites8Whether you or your best friend is getting married, planning for a bridal shower tops the list of must-do activities before the D-day. What can be a better way to create one lasting memory with family and friends as a single woman than to have a big bridal shower? For it to be memorable, you want to choose from among the latest trends in bridal shower themes and straying away from the usual boring brunch or dinner. Here are a few ideas to consider before sending the bridal shower invitations out.

Getting Inspiration from these Bridal Shower Themes

  • Slumber Party: This is your last chance to experience your childhood girly thing with your friends. A slumber bridal shower is easy to put up, yet it brims with lots of fun. Ask guests to show up in their favourite pyjamas when the sun goes down. Have plenty of sleeping bags, pillows, and feather boas. When it comes to food and drinks, think of slumber party staples like pizza, mini sandwiches, chips and dip, popcorn, and candies. Do not forget the champagne and glasses for toasting the bride. In the morning, wake up to a classic breakfast of pancakes, waffles, and brewed coffee or tea. Hand out pillowcases with the embroidered guests’ name as long-lasting party favours.
  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s: What girl did not fall in love with the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s? It makes one of the most special bridal shower themes to set up for a special bride-to-be. Mention in the invites that guests must come in fancy outfits and costume jewelleries of pearl and classy stones. The bride-to-be can dress a la For the decors, cover the tables with classic white lace, and lay out gold plates and champagne glasses. As centrepiece, place tall vases with fresh flowers to create an extravagant feel. Place a classic Tiffany’s blue mini gift alongside each nameplate. Guests may expect something fancy inside the box, but they would be delighted as well to be treated with couture chocolates. Use black chairs and black tables for a total Tiffany colour motif.
  • All Girls Pancake Breakfast: Bring your craving for pancakes to another level of fun. Make pancakes the star item in an all-feminine breakfast or brunch bridal shower. Serve the bride and her entourage with miniature pancakes in a dainty table setting. Pancakes are the perfect meal to have in small gathering with fancy classy theme. Use crystal dispensers for the maple syrup or honey to be poured over stacks of pancakes served in delicate pink plates. Slices of fresh fruits and freshly squeezed orange juice poured in mason jars complete the old-fashioned country feel. Fresh stalks of colourful blooms provide a cheerful, feminine appeal to this bridal shower theme.
  • Hats of all Sizes and Shapes Tea Party: Relieve the inner child and tiarawithwhitemaribouandhearthave a grand time sipping tea with the closest and dearest to the bride. All guests must come wearing their favourite hats to match their tea party dress appropriately. Buy or bake the most decadent and delicate pastries, and use vintage tea mugs to serve a variety of classic tea blends. Fill the table with different cupcakes, and label each kind with nametags so guests can take and taste what looks tempting by what it is merely called. Alternatively, the future bride can sit at the head of the table on an extra-large chair draped with a rich velvet fabric, wearing a princess-worthy tiara.
  • Fashion Craze Swap: This theme is perfect for a fashionista bride and her friends. Ask guests to bring any item of shoes, dresses, bags, scarves, and other stylish accessories they want to include in your fashion swap bridal party. The idea is to offer these items as goods to be swapped during the event. Beforehand, give guests a set of swap rules to establish order and to avoid petty fights in case two or more guests want to take the same signature handbag home. Display the trendy articles and arrange them in such a way that the jewelleries, belts, and other items become the decors of the night. Serve light dishes of macaroons, sorbet, and champagne for the guests to nibble on while they test the best lipstick colour or try on a pair of pink ballet shoes.

When you are planning for a bridal shower, the key to achieving its success is to pick from among the many interesting themes that can help you harmonize your ideas. Whether it is simple or elaborate, it is important to consider a theme that speaks well about the bride’s personality and her interests.

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