Fashion-Themed Parties for Preteens

BUTTERFLY - SUPER SOFT WINGSYou’ll have to consider fancy dress costumes for a fashion-themed party if your little girl is too old for a princess party. Preteens are at an age when slumber parties and dress-ups have replaced unicorns and other imaginary friends. They’re still children, but yours will likely ask for an ‘H20: Just Add Water’ party instead of Disney or princess-themed parties. Since a mixer party isn’t an option, you can settle for an all-girl fashion party instead. Your daughter can ask her clique of friends to come over, and the arrangements you’ve put together should take care of the rest.

MOD BUTTERFLY PARTY INVITATIONSIt all starts with the invites. You can always purchase invitation cards at the specialty shops, but nothing beats customization. You’re planning a girl’s party here so you’d best invest in the details. Scrapbook sets should offer the assorted stationery you’re looking for, and you can pool in other people to handcraft the guest invites. The recipients will appreciate the personal touch, especially if your collective efforts come up with unique designs. Otherwise, you can purchase ready-made invitations from party supplies stores.

MONSTERS UNIVERSITY CUP CAKE DECORATING KITMake sure you indicate the theme of the party on the invite so they’ll come in proper attire, though. The birthday party supplies you’ll order also cover for everything your guests will need, including the outfits. Order cookie cutters and molds shaped like shoes and ribbons so your treats and pastries are consistent with the theme. Don’t forget to offer several food varieties to accommodate your guests’ preferences, especially their adult chaperons. Better yet, you can convert your kitchen into a cooking classroom and let your guests prepare some of the treats using cupcake decorating kits. You’ll kill a few hours with the activity, and the girls will surely relish the samples they make.

BUTTERFLY FABRIC RINGYou can host a scavenger hunt of certain rooms in the house (prep your rooms so there’s less clutter). They can search for shoes or accessories with specific designs. Make sure party favours that complement the theme are in the ready. Purchase craft sets so they can create personalized accessories, and then, host a fashion show as the party’s grand finale. Pair a makeshift runway in the middle of the living room with flash bulbs to complete the setup. It’s best to order birthday party supplies online if you’re pressed for time and varieties. Planning an all-girl party should be easier because you only need to invest in a few interactive activities. These should be enough to keep your guests occupied for hours.

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