Festival at a Glance: How Oktoberfest is Really Celebrated in Germany

jumbo-beer-steinThe Oktoberfest in Germany that took place last September 17, 2016 is a 16-day much-awaited celebration across the globe. Opened at the Schottenhamel tent, the Mayor of Munich once again tapped the first keg of beer as a sign of the beginning of the celebrations.

It pays to arrive as early as the opening ceremonies to be able to experience the festivities and the fancy Oktoberfest costumes and decorations up close and personal. The festival lasts until the 3rd of October but is celebrated all month long in other different countries across the globe.

Stalls and beer tents are practically open as early as 9am during weekends and 10am during weekdays where you get to enjoy great beer, wine, food, and entertainment. Fairground attractions and sideshows can also be enjoyed from 10am to midnight around Munich.

Here are some practical details on how the Oktoberfest is celebrated the local way in Munich and nearby towns.

Costs pretzels

Although you may want to experience the Oktoberfest festivities like locals do, costs and expenses come with the partying. Entrance to beer tents are practically free but the food, drinks, and souvenirs can be quite pricey. Beers typically costs around 11 Euro and a quarter of roasted chicken costs around 15 Euro. Snacks like pretzels will shell you out 5 Euro. Adding up fair activities, transportation and souvenirs, you will more or less have to set aside around 50-70 Euros per person a day, accommodations excluded.

lederhosenTransportation and parking

If you are driving with your own car, your best option is to leave it in one of the many parking lots available near the vicinity. Public transportation can be accessed via the U-Bahn to reach the festival grounds. Taxis are also a convenient option but traffic can be a big issue and you will be paying for more eventually. Head out early and do necessary reservations to lessen the hassles while enjoying the Oktoberfest spirit.

Oktoberfest costumes

viking-girl-with-helmetLocal outfits perfect for Oktoberfest is something you should be prepared for. To save money, bringing over your old suspenders and walking shorts would be a wise replica for the authentic Lederhosen outfit for men during the festivities. If you can shell out extra cash, you can score one at a local store together with an Alpine hat as souvenir.

Women, on the other hand, should be ready to party with boots or with their most comfortable pair of flats to get more from the party. Or if you would want to stick with your jeans and shirt, having a Vikings headpiece could do the work.

Learning a little of the language, gulping on the best beers, dancing with the music, and having fun with the crowd are not just simple ways to blend well with the locals but the true steps you need to do to get the best  experience out of your Oktoberfest adventure in Germany.

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