Gorgeous Holiday Dessert Centrepieces You Can Make

An important part of Christmas day celebrations is your festive table in which almost all the dishes you have slaved over in the kitchen are on full display – a feast for the eyes, as well as for the tummy. To give you a head start for the coming holidays, here are a few unique ideas for gorgeous holiday dessert centrepieces you can make. These are all edible, easy, and cheap to make.

A Unique Centrepiece of Mighty Veggies

All eyes will be on the Christmas tree in your home, and you can carry this theme over in your dining table itself. It is a healthy and edible setting packed with veggies and a dip of your choice, sure to please the vegetarian guest.

You will need:

  • 5 lettuce leaves as base
  • 7 cups broccoli blanched
  • 1 carrot julienned
  • 5 cups mixed veggies of cherry tomatoes, raspberries and green and black olives
  • 1 sugar cookie shaped into a star


1. Arrange lettuce leaves on platter. Using foil frilled toothpicks, arrange broccoli heads all the way up the tree securing it with toothpicks as you go.

2. Arrange carrots randomly all over the tree.

3. Fill in the empty spots with tomatoes, raspberries and green and black olives alternately.

4. Now, arrange the remaining carrots all around the base. You may add edible gold glitter on the edges of the base and top it with a star shaped sugar cookie. Add a dip of your choice. If making two veggie Christmas trees, place each one at opposite ends of the table and contrast them with green cocktail napkins and a lacy white tablecloth to make it look festive. Add sprigs of cranberries in between.

Wasn’t that easy and inexpensive? Go ahead and make this. It will only take 10 minutes of your busy schedule as long as you have all the ingredients on hand.

Yummy Fruit for the Country Table Setting

The beauty of this fruit and nut combination centrepiece is that it can be consumed and is so pretty to look at. Buy the fruits that are in season and ripe so guests can munch on it. What’s more, it is healthy and good for you, too.


  • a basket of your choice large enough to fit in the centre of the table
  • sprigs of pine branches
  • sprigs of cranberries
  • fruit and nuts in season


1. Line the edges of the basket with pine branches. Fill the inside with winter fruit such as oranges, cranberries, pears, star fruit, persimmons and tangerines. Alternate with green grapes and nuts such as pecans, acorns, chestnuts, and add sprigs of cranberries and wheat for a country Christmas feel. Decorate with edible gold or silver glitter.

2. Use a gold tablecloth for this setting and gold napkins. For a creative touch, use one sugar cookie for each guest on top of the napkin.

Your guests will be oohing and aahing with this splendid table setting filled with nature’s bounty! Now, who can say nay to that? Another simple yet gorgeous example of holiday dessert centrepieces you can make, which highlights your creativity.

This next creation is also inexpensive and fun to make, especially when you have run out of time and ideas on how your table centrepiece should look like. As always, it only takes minutes to make as long as you have your materials on hand.

Get Festive with Fruit in Globes

Materials needed:

  • glass containers of different sizes or one tall hurricane lamp
  • glass ornaments of different colours and shapes
  • a red bow
  • round-shaped fruits in season

How to make:

Stack the ornaments into the hurricane lamp, alternating with apples, oranges, grapes and pears. Glass ornaments may be coloured red and green or gold – the colours of the season. Spray edible silver or gold glitter for that elegant touch and bits of red and green ribbon in the empty spaces. Use a white lace tablecloth, red napkins, or Christmas design table scatters for contrast.

These simple yet elegant holiday dessert centrepieces will certainly put your guests in the right holiday mood. Happy Christmas, everyone!

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