Great Fun Day Spa Party Ideas for You and Friends

A day spa party is one of the most popular party ideas when planning a birthday party for a female friend or loved one, as well as for a bridal or baby shower. That is when guests are pampered to the hilt with manicures, pedicures, facials, massages, body scrubs, and foot scrubs. It’s a growing concept, and many have jumped in the bandwagon to try it.Natural Palm Leaf Dinner Plate

Day spa party ideas are like the stars in the sky – countless and never ending. All you have to do is think about your interests and your friends’ interests, and pick a theme that would best represent them. An even better idea would be to incorporate an environmental vibe into the party. After all, a spa is supposed to be relaxing, and what could be more relaxing than lots of greens and nature, right?

Having a single theme is important. This can help guide you on which things are fitting and which fun activities are best to do during the day spa party. Of course, having the right party supplies would be a big boost to making the party a success. Check out these tips:

One-of-a-Kind Welcome

Roll and soak cheap hand towels in a shallow dish, then place them in the microwave. Make sure to keep the hand towels warm by wrapping them in plastic wrap while you wait for guests to arrive. To keep the towels smelling fresh and clean, place mint leaves between each towel. Once the guests start arriving, hand each one a freshly steamed towel. You could arrange the Natural Bamboo Cocktail Forkstowels on a plate or platter. You could use these natural palm leaf square dinner plates to keep up with the natural vibe of the day spa party.

Delectable Food

A light and simple menu would suffice for a day spa-themed party. Healthy appetizers and cocktails would do. Open-faced sandwiches, fruit skewers, cheese, crackers, fruit juices, sweet teas, and wine would be perfect. Arrange the food items in trays and place a bowl with natural bamboo cocktail forks in them to make life easier for your guests.

Decorate with Flare

Natural Hessian Table RunnerCreate a relaxing atmosphere for the party by placing flats of wheat grass, which you can buy from health and grocery stores, or large calla lilies as centerpieces for the table. If flowers would be expensive, use scented candles instead. You can purchase table runners like this natural hessian table runner as the perfect backdrop for the centerpieces.

Special Spa Services

If budget permits, you could hire aestheticians from a local spa to provide the spa services to you and your friends. Alternatively, you could talk to local cosmetology students who would be more than willing to provide professional spa services to your friends for a fraction of the cost. An even better idea would be to download recipes for homemade facial masks, foot soaks, Natural Kraft Mini Blackboard Easelsoaps, etc. beforehand and set up a beauty bar where you’ll arrange the said ingredients. Some usual ingredients in homemade spa products are oats, avocado, lavender, peppermint, green tea leaves, grapeseed oil, honey, and yogurt. Label the ingredients for proper identification using natural kraft mini blackboard easels.

Some spa services you can offer to your guests include facial masks, scalp and hair conditioning treatments, manicures, pedicures, microabrasion treatments (you can buy these from beauty stores), hand and shoulder massages, and paraffin wax treatments.

Parting Tokens

Natural Hessian Party Loot BagsAfter a day of pampering, your guests will leave feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. Do them a favor by giving them parting tokens or favors that would make their beauty rest even more special. In natural hessian party loot bags, place inexpensive spa items like bath salts, small jars filled with lotion or bath gel (you can buy the jars in bulk), trial size beauty products, perfume samples from department stores, and a scented candle.

The list is long when thinking of great day spa party ideas. The most important thing is that you use a theme or an idea that you like and that interests you. Doing so will make it easier for you once you start planning and buying party supplies and other items to use in the party.

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