Great Makeup Ideas

Everyone loves makeup. For days like Halloween and Friday the 13th, makeup is essential in making yourself look incredibly scary and horrifying…in a good way. For those who are looking to expand their makeup skills, it can be hard to find inexpensive makeup items that help you get this result. That’s why at Parties Online we have a range of Mehron items that will help you create some truly weird and wonderful masterpieces.

Stocking everything from extra flesh wax compound, makeup practice head and red blood gel so that you can transform your artworks into lively creations, Party Supplies Online is here to help. We even stock silver and white hair colour so that you can transform the look of your patients. If you’re looking for a more specific approach to creating a monster, we have premium kits for skeletons, werewolfs, witches and zombies.

So we’ve shown you why we think these are an essential for your Christmas presents, but here are some of the things you can potentially create with the our Mehron supplies.


You can do up this little number for a masquerade ball or any mask party and look fantastic. Experiment with colours and other designs to create an original piece.

maxresdefault (2)

For something more scary, try a design like the one below. It will definitely make you the centre of attention at a party, and will scare the pants of anyone in the room who isn’t expecting it.


Something as simple as this often looks the best on a scary night out. The white contrast with the hollow eye sockets sends the shivers down our spines just even looking at it.

So get in quick while we still have these in stock because they definitely will not be around for long!

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