Grow that ‘Mo’ in Your Movember Stache Party

Movember is an annual tradition involving the growing of moustaches during theimage001 entire month of November. It is a portmanteau word combining moustache and November to refer to the month-long challenge for men to grow a moustache to change their appearance, thereby changing the face of men’s health. With their “Mo’s”, men assume their role in raising awareness and funds for prostate, testicular, and other male cancers. For 30 days, these selfless men become effective walking and talking billboards promoting the Movember charity event.

The movement has its humble beginnings in Melbourne, Australia in 2003. Since then it has grown into global proportion with more than 3 million registered members known as Mo Bros and Mo Sistas, inspiring both men and women. In 2012, Movember is listed by the Global Journal as one of the leading 100 NGOs around the world.

To celebrate their Movember journey, Mo Bros and Mo Sistas throw gala parties in their respective countries. On your part, there’s no better way to contribute to the cause than to hold your own Movember party where you can raise some money to donate. It may seem strange to throw a moustache soiree, but it becomes noble when done in the spirit of Movember.

  • Invitation: Any party is always announced by sending out invitations. Announce yours by giving out moustache-themed invitation. You can get a pack from either a party store or check out websites that offer free invitation templates that can be printed at home. Remember to mention that it’s a fundraising campaign so guests are not wont to forget their generous endowments.
  • Props: The whole point is about the serious issues on men’s health, but it doesn’t mean the party is not without fun. Set up the entire place in common moustache colors like brown, black, and grey. Pin up posters of great men in their best moustached smile.

Since moustache is the theme, let your guests show up in the best facial fuzz theyimage002 can grow. Check out the large assortment of beards and moustaches available online to dress up people arriving with bare maws. Rent a photo booth for your guests to go wild as they try different artificial moustaches, ranging from caveman to hip hop and terrorist. Another idea is to set up a scene setter of wanted posters as backdrop for the photo session to capture your guests in frame as one of the wanted persons. It will also tip the scale if there are themed accessories to pretend they are macho Mo Bros.

  • Food: Obviously, there would be more men in the party. Therefore, think about serving manly foods that go best with beer. Find the perfect food mate for the different hairy growth attending the party. Serve black pepper prawns and lamb koftas spicy enough for the bushy Australian to blow his didgeridoo; make that upper stiff lip smile with your delicious steak and kidney pie; or bring out the Hulk-Hogan among your moustachioed friends with your southern style chicken wings. For desserts, top the cake or mini cupcakes with chocolate moustache-shaped lollypop. The ladies will be delighted to put the pops over their lips to blend with the bearded crowd.
  • Games: It becomes truly a moustache party if games are to be played using moustache as a theme. Who wouldn’t be familiar about pin games? This time it’s Pin the Moustache on a blow-up picture of one of your guests, or a movie icon famous for his handsome beard. Let participants choose from theimage004 moustache set the piece they want to be pinned on the board. Another fun game is to blindfold ladies and let them guess the owner of the beard their hands are caressing. You can also include a contest awarding people with the best homegrown moustache only you have to tell them in advance so they can have time to groom facial hair.

A Movember party is challenging, both in hosting and in fulfilling the objectives of the movement. As each guest bids goodbye, make sure their charitable contributions are dropped in your special box for behind all the fun remains your serious intention to help in the cause.

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