Halloween Party Themes That Can Make Memories

image001Halloween is the holiday before Christmas that many kids and adults look forward to despite the blood-curdling themes. Of course, who does not love a good spook, party, trick or treat, and costume-wearing? However, throwing parties is not that easy, especially when it is themed. Hosts have to consider many things, and the first step in creating a memorable Halloween bash is deciding on nice and unique Halloween party themes where you can go all out with your Halloween decorations and props.

Choosing the right party theme for Halloween is important to make the party unforgettable. Before a host can choose the right party theme, however, there are particular things that they first need to identify and decide on, such as:

  1. Who is coming to the party? It is important for a host to identify the types of people who are going to be present in the party. Hosts need to decide whether the party is going to be for kids, teens, young image003adults, families, girls, boys, and so on. The type of guests forms an important basis in deciding the theme of the Halloween party, as well as what type of food to prepare or if a buffet setting would suffice.
  2. What time is the party? Since it is Halloween, it is best if the party is done during the night. However, if the party is for kids, the host needs to adjust the time so that they can still enjoy the party held at an hour not yet past their sleep schedule. This also gives the parents the chance to attend their own party.
  3. What kind of party is it? Hosts need to know if they want an epic party with drinks and music or if they want a simple dinner party where conversations are enough to keep the guests entertained. If it is a themed costume party, this needs to be indicated in the invitation so that guests can prepare and come in “full battle gear”. It is important for the invitation to specify what kinds of costumes are appropriate for the party.

With all these things clarified, it is time to decide on the theme. Here are some great and fun Halloween party themes that you and your guests can thoroughly enjoy: Classic Halloween Costume Party. When people think of Halloween, they think of ghosts, vampires, witches, werewolves, ghouls, image005zombies and more. To make this classic Halloween party unforgettable, make a twist; have a costume contest. Hand out unique prizes to the guests who have the best costumes on like a Countess Nocturna dress and gloves costume set or a Demonic Gravekeeper costume. Make sure to go all the way with the prizes so that the guests are going to give extra effort in their costumes.

  • Food-Themed Party. They say that the crazier the theme, the better and more epic the party is going to be. Hence, here is one crazy theme idea: let the guests dress up in their favorite food or drink. Wearing a banana costume would certainly be a funny idea. This is really going to make the guests really smile.
  • Era Party. Choose a period in time and let the guests dress image007accordingly. If the host chooses wants a hippie kind of theme, then specify that the theme is the 60’s to 70’s era. On the other hand, you can choose the Roaring 20s theme and dress up in a 1920’s Gatsby Girl costume in gold and black.
  • Halloween Booze Contest. This is a very popular theme for Halloween because it helps increase the energy of the guests and it helps the host save a lot of money. Almost all of the best parties during Halloween are because of booze. Create a contest where guests get to bring their own ingredients for the cocktail of their choice and the host gets to choose the best drink for the night.

These are some of the best Halloween party themes sure to give the partygoers many happy memories. There are a lot more ideas online, and hosts can do each of the theme for every Halloween every year. The only thing that hosts need to remember is that a foolproof party is a party that is planned carefully.

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