Helpful hints & Information on Balloons

Party Supplies Online would like to help you have the party of the year and below you will find some helpful hints about the inflation of latex and foil balloons and the history of balloons. This should allow you to make a more informed choice for balloons to decorate your party to create the best possible result and make your party a blast of colour and fun.

  • Only helium filled balloons will float
  • Latex balloons have a ‘fly’ time, which means how long they will float. Qualatex professional balloons will float the longest time of all the brands available (approximately 16 – 25 hours depending on atmospheric conditions) and they are listed under Latex professional balloons on our site.
  • Do not inflate your professional balloons any earlier than 4 hours before the party commencement so that your friends will not notice the slight shrinkage that has occurred.
  • All latex balloons on our site can be filled with air or helium, but this is not the case for all balloons sold.
  • Balloons filled with helium should be at least 28 cm or 11 inches in size.
  • Latex balloons filled with air can be mounted onto a stick and cup or can be tied into clusters for decorating.
  • By mixing and matching plain balloons with themed printed balloons or printed age balloons you can create eye catching displays at a very little cost and thereby use your party decorating dollars to the maximum.
  • When inflating foil balloons do not take out all the ‘creases’ at the edge of the balloon. If you try to make the balloon entirely smooth it will burst.
  • Foil balloons will float for approximately 1 week

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