Here’s how you can throw a Terrific Thanksgiving Party on a Budget!

Thinking of giving your best friends an insane “Friendsgiving,” but you’re afraid your wallet won’t bow to the challenge?

turkeyhat2As ‘party animals’ will tell you, throwing a fantastic thanksgiving party needs a lot of planning, energy and, of course, a bubbly budget. Right from the planning stage, cooking, organizing a carnival ambiance and hosting fun-loving souls to everything cleanup and post-party tasks, a “Friendsgiving” party isn’t a joke. The whole bash will amount to nothing if it becomes annoying, ill-lit. and without the hype and thrill of a perfect party.

Whilst it wouldn’t be awesome if rushed into having a mega party without having the right budget, it also makes sense to throw a frugal party and leave everyone wanting more. And it being a thanksgiving party, you have the freedom to choose what to add and what to ignore. After all, you would be giving thanks and appreciating those who matter to you.

Use the tips to host an incredible Thanksgiving party without breaking your budget.

  • Let the guests bring something with them

WineglasspenThere’s no law limiting the amounts of foods and drinks to have at a Thanksgiving party. But given that it’s a party on a budget, feel free to ask them to bring along a bottle of champagne, a party cake, or even those wine glasses. Whether it is an afternoon buffet at your yard or an evening dine-and-party mini-extravaganza, let them know in advance.

  • Let that “Chefy” friend cook – don’t order food from outside

Normally, having a Thanksgiving party at home means ordering all delicious foods from a premium hotel in town. But since you’re on a tight budget and every coil counts, “cooking from scratch” could be a timely strategy. Some of the best foods to prepare on your own include gravy, stuffing, mashed potatoes, desserts, BBQ, and grilled meats. Besides, homemade often tastes awesome and is in plenty.

  • Bulk up that Menu

wineglasspencheeseplateMashed potatoes are cheap and easy to prepare while desserts, salads, rice, and noodles don’t need the services of any special chef. If it will be a large party, having a side dish like rice pilaf, sweet potatoes, fresh veggies, or cheese can be a simple way of keeping the budget low. Another strategy of keeping the price low is preparing crowd-pleaser foods that are versatile (that which everyone loves) and serve them plain.

  • Stick with the Basics – Shop from an online store that offers cheap party decor and accessories

There are a lot of online stores that provide tantalizing Thanksgiving food and party accessory deals for persons like you. A one-stop store like us could be your safest bet given that it has almost everything from Banner for Parties, cheap Confetti and Party Poppers, Confetti Cannons, Birthday hats, Candles and Cake Toppers to disco LED lights and fog machines.

You may even decide to keep it simple and choose a signature drink that might be white wine, Irish whiskey, Aussie rum or cocktails only. Fewer dishes of larger quantities along with disco lights will undoubtedly cap off a memorable Thanksgiving party on a budget.

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