Host an Outdoor Bridal Shower

decorative fan - whiteIf you want to host a bridal shower that is memorable and unique, try putting together an outdoor bridal shower. All you need are the right party supplies and thorough planning to make it unforgettable. Do keep in mind that even decorations and supplies meant for indoor use may be used, as long as you know how to use them well. You can look for tips on the Internet.

At any rate, here are some pointers to make sure that apart from being extraordinary, your shower will be loads of fun and A-one blogging material!

  1. Choose your outdoor venue with care.

Plenty of places qualify as good venues for an outdoor bridal shower. A poolside with plenty of umbrellas to provide shade is another and possibly more manageable location than the open sea and sandy beaches. You may opt to hang decorative fan – white as hanging decorations. Incidentally, it is available in other colors.

girls night out party lanternYou can also choose to host your shower in a garden. A garden with a generous patio would be ideal. Otherwise, just make sure there is a nice big tent for everyone to congregate in and sit around while having snacks. If your shower is to take place in spring, choose a garden with flowers all abloom for a good visual bonus.

Another option for an outdoor bridal happening is a rooftop. Rooftops provide a good alternative especially in the city where the outdoors is not easily accessible. Rooftops also give events a certain chic and cosmopolitan atmosphere so if you like feeling as if you are on top of the world, go for the rooftop and have fun! A girls night out party lantern would be perfect for such a venue.

  1. Consider the weather.

If you are planning to host a bridal shower outdoors, one of the first things you need to consider is the weather before sending out bridal shower invitations. Pay close attention to weather reports and make sure there is not a hint of rain on the day of your gathering. Also, see if the days are windy because that will make for a very inconvenient party. You might want to look at the weather forecast pertaining to the days before and after the scheduled party just to make sure there are no unpleasant surprises. white fabric floor runnerJust in case it starts to rain, make sure you have a white fabric floor runner to keep your guests’ shoes clean.

  1. Have a contingency plan.

Just in case some rain does fall or some other unexpected occurrence spoils your outdoor plans, make sure you have a good contingency plan. In cases like this, a living room that opens onto a pool is a really fortunate choice because you can move the party indoors.

Making a good contingency plan means more than just having a place to migrate to; it means really preparing an alternative place to party. Make sure there is a table to put the food in, and there are sufficient chairs for everyone. Be ready with comfortable floor pillows to seat more people, and prepare some décor for the alternative area – just in case. Whatever you decide on, make sure you decorate the place with giant 3’ latex balloons available in a range of colours. You can use the picture below as inspiration.


  1. Create a motif to complete the deal.

Providing the setting for your outdoor bridal shower means more than just taking people out of the house. Create a theme to complete the deal and make the shower even more memorable.

If you have chosen the beach as your backdrop, you can create a Hawaiian luau theme for the event. This is an easy theme to set up. Provide leis and flower hairpieces for everyone, play some ukulele music, arrange plenty of fruits and flowers on a table covered with a printed tablecloth or banana leaves (or any other type of broad leaf). If you inform your guests ahead of time what the motif is going to be, they might opt to come in sarongs. Alternatively, you could make sarongs your shower giveaway! You can use dinner plates, paper cups, napkins, and cutlery from the natural organic collection of Party Supplies Online.

bridal shower invitations pack of 8A garden party is just a garden party until you transform it into a Victorian bridal shower. Provide floppy hats and decorate the table with a pastel overlaid with lace. If you have ferns, baskets and potted plants, now is the time to use them. Then, serve tea in dainty little cups, serve mini sandwiches, cookies, and tiny cakes, plus a nice fluffy cake strewn with a pastel shade of the bride’s color motif.

  1. Be ready to take pictures.

Everyone can have beautiful pictures outdoors, so prepare places for posed portraits and not just the wacky spontaneous photos. Make sure to have plenty of photo booth props to make the pictures even wackier. Arrange a wicker chair and put it where the lighting will be flattering, and the bride and her court will look beautiful when the event gets into an old-fashioned album or a Facebook page.

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