How to be Savvy in Choosing Your Event Suppliers

image001A successful party is something any host wants to achieve. It is not always easy, but it can be done with serious planning and by using the right vendors. There are many suppliers out there looking for opportunities to make money from party host or planner like you. Your choice of event suppliers can make or break your event thus it is imperative that you know how to choose the right vendor wisely to put on a great event and get your money’s worth.

Methods in Finding Party Suppliers

Choosing a party supplier can be likened to something you often do when you need to decide. As consumer, you select companies that can serve your best interest in insurance, pest control, internet service, bank, and in your other needs. It can be simple to select the first company to offer its goods and services, but when you’re tight on funds and want to save every dime without sacrificing quality, it only makes sense to pick the right supplier that can respond to your requirements within your budget ceiling.

There are four approaches to hunt for a party supplier.

  • Use the telephone directory or the Internet. A quick browse through the phonebook pages or search Google for companies that provide party supplies can yield thousands of results. This oftentimes leads to hiring suppliers with the lowest price offer but cannot boast of the best service.
  • Ask referral from family and friends. They can be trusted to give you advice and provide you with names of credible suppliers they are satisfied with.
  • Hire your previous suppliers. It means you like their goods and services.
  • Go through a formal selection process. This route is ideal for events of grand scale in which several vendors compete to stand out to make you choose them after presenting their best and unique offer.

Important Tips to Remember when Dealing with Party Suppliers

Whether you choose an online party supplier or a local vendor, make sure you’re dealing with a company that doesn’t run late in providing their goods and services. Avoid suppliers with reputation for not delivering orders as specified by customers. Keep a list of suppliers for every party item you’ll need from disposable catering supplies to party decorations and accessories and food catering to entertainment.

image003Know where to source what you need, and always have alternative suppliers in case the item is not available from your first choice. For example, if your favorite online shop runs out of party bubbles, have a backup plan to implement another course of action without delay. Know the contact details of the nearest vendor to supplement the lacking item. Don’t let a single entity ruin the success of your party.

Hold people to their commitment. Let the suppliers know what you expect from them. If you ordered a complete set of special effects machines and the deliveries are incomplete or not according to your specifications, call the supplier image004immediately. Demand for a big discount or refuse the shipment downright. Make it clear that you’re not tolerating their deficiency and you can’t be blame if you ask your money back. Your strong point will help the vendor or supplier to be more professional in delivering their products and services.

Canvass for the lowest price. This highlights the importance of planning early so you’ll have plenty of time to scout around. Don’t be tempted to get your supplies at the first store that you stepped in. Look for at least three different suppliers to compare prices of items. Those lovely party leis may be a lot cheaper at the next store, and the vendor can even offer to ship them free. Think about the amount you can save if you’re just patient and determined enough to shop around for bargains.

Choose suppliers that offer items that can be recycled and reused for future events. Vote for vendors with wide spectrum of recyclable party supplies. This is a beneficial idea especially if you frequently throw or plan parties. It can be a little image007costly up front to purchase medium weight plastic bamboo weave table cover, but if you look at the number of times you can repeatedly use it come party time, you’ll realize the practical value of your decision.

After all this effort, you can be more confident about the vendors you’ve picked to supply the party essentials. If, at some point, you’ve realized you want Vendor B instead of Vendor A, you have the right to make a switch as long as you have not signed a contract yet. Otherwise, be ready to part with back-out fees, which can be insignificant to the stress you could have suffered had you stayed with undesirable party suppliers.

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