How to decorate your Hens Night!

sexybitchhensgobletSummer is arriving and that means that a flood of weddings are definitely coming as well. When there are weddings, there are always bucks and hens parties. So grab all the girls, head to a great bar and celebrate your bride-to-be’s last final stint of the unmarried life. Parties Online is here to help you make your hens night, the craziest night could possibly be. To do this, we have a range of decorations and other fun novelty items to help set the mood and create memories for the bride.

No hens night is complete without novelty penis products, and at Parties Online we are not lacking in the downstairs department. For your hens night at home we have a penis shot taker that is perfect for starting the naughty night, as well as looking very funny at the same time. We also stock penis ice cubes to keep your drinks cold and refreshing in your Sexy Bitch Goblet or penis shaped cocktail shaker.  We also have a penis shaped bottle as well as penis soother.

For edible novelty items, we have a load of penis shaped candy. We have a rainbow penis ring pop, penis shaped sprinkles/candy and jelly willies. For more of a main course dish, we stock pecker pasta, perfect for feeding all the girls on the night.

PD8614Forget the strippers, we have a range of inflatable guys to keep you busy! Whether it’s Inflatable John or a man with a moustache, we’ve got you covered. For novelty games there is the Willy Fishing Game where you fish for the penis and have to do the dare on it when you pick it up.

Our range of hens night items are perfect to set the mood and help you and your friends have an enjoyable night partying and celebrating your friend’s soon to be marriage.

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