How to Organize a Really Glamorous High School Graduation Party for Your Teen

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Your teen only graduates from high school once, which means you only have one chance to create a glamorous party that your son or daughter will remember for years to come. While most teens barely remember throwing their caps in the air and accepting their diplomas, they do remember the fun that they had with their friends and family later. No matter how much money you have available, you can plan and host an amazing party.

Budget Matters

Before making a guest list, looking at venues or buying any decorations, think about your budget. If you find yourself struggling to come up with the cash for a party and cutting corners, consider throwing a joint party. Your teen probably has a group of friends who spend a lot of time together, and your teen may even have the same group of friends that he or she had as a child. You probably aren’t the only one having financial problems. The parents of those other teens might embrace the idea of a joint party that lets you all split the cost.

Choosing the Perfect Venue

Throwing a glamorous party involves choosing the perfect venue. It’s hard to make the rec room down the street or your backyard look glamorous, but you’ll find a number of other venues that your teen will love. Those who love the upscale and finer things in life might love a party thrown at an art gallery or an art museum. You may even find that some local restaurants can provide you with an elegant space and arrange for the food and drinks served at the party too. Venues, like this one are another option. It has several spaces available that can hold anywhere from 300 guests to 12,000 guests and can host them in really glamorous way.

Get Guests Excited

Graduation time is one of the busiest times of the year. Even if your teen went to a smaller school, the odds are good that your guests will receive multiple invitations from others. It’s important that you sit down and make a guest list as soon as possible and that you get your invitations in the mail to give them advanced notice of the party. Not only do you need to add friends and family to your guest list, but you should also add those who had an impact on your teen, including teachers and coaches.

Make your invitations sing with customized invites that you make at home or print at a local print shop. You can make invites that feature your teen on the cover of a magazine, invites that look like scrolls or other fun designs. Don’t forget to add a little glitter or a handful of sequins to each envelop.

Make Your Teen the Center of Attention

Make your teen the center of attention at the party. Consider renting a limousine that lets your graduate arrive in style or opting for fun activities at the party. Put out a large picture of your graduate and ask guests to write a special message to your teen across the front. Some teens may even like wearing a crown all night long.

Looking for More Glamor?

Denise Witmer recommends creating a time capsule for the graduates. All the graduates bring one memento that reminds them of the years they spent in high school. Bury the capsule in your yard, or ask one of the teens’ parents to keep it safe. They can open it up at their 10 year reunion and remember the time they spent together.

Another fun way to increase the glamor of your party is with a red carpet. Roll out a length of carpet and let guests walk across it to reach the door. You can even arrange cardboard cutouts of famous stars and let them take pictures on their way to the door. These fun ideas will let you throw the perfect graduation party for your teen and his or her friends.


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