How to Spend Your Own Meaningful “Star Wars” Fans Day

primal natural contact lenses opaque mesmerise lilac“May the 4th be with you!” That is what millions of “Star Wars” aficionados across the globe will say as they unite to celebrate a special event called the International “Star Wars” Day. The Discovery Science Center hosts the annual occasion where fans can participate in all sorts of “Star Wars”-related activities alongside fellow fanatics.

The “Star Wars” fans day is officially held on May 4 as the day dedicated to the “Star Wars” universe. If you can’t be at the Discovery Science Center to learn galactic skills for survival, it doesn’t mean you can’t unleash your own force to have fun and be the real fan that you are.

Star Wars Jedi robeWith the right “Star Wars” party supplies, decorations, costumes, and mindset, you can celebrate your own memorable “Star Wars” Day with your friends and loved ones.

Invite your friends over for some inter-galactic fun. Make sure you have your “Star Wars” Jedi robe on the ready so you can greet your friends upon their arrival in full regalia. Ask your friends to come in their Hans Solo, Darth Vader, or even Chewbacca costumes. The ladies, of course, are expected to don and costumes. Complete the look with the latest line of Primal Natural Contact Lenses  in different colors. Award a special token to the one with the best costume.

Here are other tips you’d do well to keep in mind.

  • Have a “Star Wars” movie marathon. All “Star Wars” movies are available on DVDs at affordable price. Complete your collection and sit through all nine episodes as true “Star Wars” fan. There are foil super shape Star Wars BB-8 droid EP7also top rated fan films online, such as those uploaded on YouTube that you can watch if you can’t find some copies in the store.

  • Get familiar with “Star Wars” characters. Each of them plays a role, some of which are more interesting than the rest. Spend time to know their origin, and the part that contributes in making the movie successful. To set the mood, decorate your home with foil super shape “Star Wars” BB-8 droid

  • Play your favorite “Star Wars” games. You can also add new “Star Wars” games, ranging from boards and cards to 3D video games. You may also buy the “Star Wars” classic Episode 7 party game available at Party Supplies Online. Go online to search for the latest, or spend some time in star wars classic lunch platesthe local games store to play contemporary “Star Wars” games with your friends. If you’re a savvy game maker, design your own “Star Wars” games and test its fun level with friends.

  • Wear “Star Wars” costume and accessories. The popularity of the “Star Wars” movies has given a boost to the retail industry to come up with an assortment of fancy costumes and items featuring “Star Wars” themes, characters, and images. This is the right time to wear your Darth Vader helmet, Storm Trooper mask, or Palpatine belt buckle.

mask storm trooper

  • Create “Star Wars” crafts. Express your love for “Star Wars” by getting crafty on “Star Wars” fans day. Use your creativity to put together Princess Leia’s sexy costume and buy a Princess Leia wig to cap off the look. Draw some “Star Wars” artworks and hang them on your wall.

With the right party supplies and a wide imagination, you can enjoy International “Star Wars” Day even in the comfort of your own home and surrounded by friends and loved ones who are as addicted to “Star Wars” as you are.

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