How to throw a Hawaiian Party

Not travelling to Hawaii for a summer holiday? Well to help you cope with your misery we are putting together a list of how to soak up the hot weather and throw the best Hawaiian Themed Party.


A Hawaiian party is not complete without Hawaiian themed costumes. Whether you’re looking for a serious outfit for a costume party or a novelty costume for a fun party, we have got you covered. Parties Online stocks a range of authentic Hawaiian costumes for both guys and girls. For the ladies we have a beautiful Hawaiian Beauty Fancy Dress or a range of colourful lei’s. We also stock coconut bikini’s as well as a range of coloured hula skirts to get you in the Hawaiian mood. For the guys we have a Hawaiian Hunk Costume or a range of stunning Hawaiian shirts.


For Hawaiian food, obviously there is a range of Hawaiian cuisine dishes that you can prepare. For example Hawaiian Kebabs, are chicken kebabs on a skewer with pineapple, and marinated in pineapple juice and other ingredients and spices. Full recipe can be found below. Another option is to make some Hawaiian rice which includes egg, and pineapple put into the mix. The recipe is also down below. You can also create the classic Hawaiian Pizza with ham and pineapple which is always a crowd favourite.


There are a lot of Hawaiian themed games that you can play with adults and kids alike. For example you can have a hula hooping contest to see how many hoops/how long you can hula for without the hoop falling down. Mix it up by seeing who can incorporate the best dance moves into their routine as well. You can play a Hawaiian rendition of musical chairs in which you use beach towels instead of chairs. Another game you can play (mainly for kids) is Kimo Says which is exactly like Simon Says except the person calling the orders is dressed in traditional Hawaiian gear.


To decorate your party, we have a range of accessories that you can use to make your party authentically Hawaiian. Parties Online has a Hawaiian Tiki Hut centrepiece, Hawaiian surfboard cutouts, colourful lei’s, Tiki decorations and Hawaiian placesetters. No matter where your party is, at the beach, in your backyard, in the office, Parties Online can help you to decorate your Hawaiian theme so that it transports you to the other side of the world.


Stereotypical Hawaiian music is usually associated with chilled out, acoustic tunes. Throwing some Jack Johnson, Donavon Frankenreiter and Ben Harper which will all give off those relaxed vibes. The ukulele is also a massive part of Hawaiian culture so finding some tracks of those online will also help you create a Hawaiian atmosphere.

We have all your needs covered for you hosting your own Hawaiian themed party so call us now to get started planning!

Chicken Kebab’s –

Hawaiian Rice –




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