How to Throw an Authentic Australian Day Party

Australia Day commemorates the arrival of the First Fleet of 11 British convict ships at the Port of Jackson, New South Wales back in 1788. It also marks the raising of the Union Jack at Sydney Cove by its commander Captain Arthur Phillip. Now, it is a well-celebrated and favorite public holiday in Australia.

The celebration has been called Australia Day since 1935 and it was not only until 1994 that it has been celebrated as a public holiday in all the states and territories of Australia. Despite the history that created the Australia Day that we celebrate today, it has become a celebration for many about the great things offered by the country and the thought of being Australians.


If you have finally decided to host this year’s Australia Day festivities just like a true-blue Aussie, you’ll have to prepare for the basic party staples like beers, barbeque, backyard cricket, and a decent meal to share with the rest of the clan. Here are some tips you can follow to be able to throw an ultimate Australia Day party.

The perfect location

The outdoors would be the perfect location for your Australian Day party. Australia happens to be a sunburnt country and nothing beats the party when it’s hosted outdoors. Although you might want to provide share for the area where you intend to set up the food to keep it fresh and delicious for everyone. It is also a perfect setting if you intend to host several games as a form of entertainment for your party.


Gather your favorite Aussie friends and relatives

Nothings beats celebrating Australia Day when you are with your favorite crowd. Australians love to celebrate at the best of times and this day being a holiday is a perfect time to bond with your favorite crowd. Decorate your venue with as many Aussie Day decorations as you can handle. You can decorate your place with Aussie flags, blow-up kangaroos, and native flower arrangements. Your decorating options are also numerous so you can transform your party venue into a truly Australian Party vibe. You can even have a tattoo area where kids and adults alike can get temporary Australia flag tattoos.

Fair Dinkum Delights

Aside from preparing enough booze for your guests, it would be smart to prepare enough food for your Aussie crowd. Parties usually start in the mid-morning and lasts until dark so you might need to prepare pre-lunch, lunch, and dinner dishes for your party. You can ask your guests to bring extra booze and steaks if you think that you’ll have a hard time providing the food for all your guests.

Australia Image

Backyard entertainment

Entertainment is also one of the things to consider when throwing a party. Backyard Cricket is one of the most common and foolproof entertainment you can provide to your guests. Make sure to designate an area where the kids and even the adults can enjoy the game.

What plans have you got for Australia Day this year?

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