Howdy! Top Ideas for Cowboy and Western Party Theme

Cowgirls servingCowboy Theme Party Ideas drinks from their holsters, gentlemen tipping hats to the ladies, and the clanging of boots on the floor to great organ music make up the perfect setting for a party. A great cowboy and western theme party has more to it than these essentials. The good thing is that a western themed party is for all ages. Try these ideas for a roaring western themed gathering.

Western invitations

Give your party invitation cards that classic western feel by using earthy, dusty colours. Light tan pages will give an aged look and a dark brown colour is the classic colour of tanned leather. Use classic fonts such as those seen in westerns. Make the aging look more authentic by smoking the edges of the party card. Inform your guests of the party details using western style slang like Saloon. You can sign off with a cowboy name like Six Shuffle Joe or Sweet Tea Mary.

Western décor ideas

Western style décor is varied and you will have lots of shades, patterns, and hues to try out. Western setting could be rustic and coarse, yet polished and intriguing. Whichever direction you need your party theme to take, you will have plenty of choices.

Use burlap to create beautiful ruffles and placemats. It is easy to work welcome sign cowboywith and has that coarse texture for authenticity. You can also add a bit of colour using Gingham.

Place faux straw bales strategically to hold centrepieces and other items. While at it, pick up tin buckets for watering the cows and horses. These can be placed on site by using balloon horses. The dry landscape will demand cacti or two. If the party is outside, you can use life size toys for more authenticity.

If you are holding birthday party, personalise it for the cowgirl or cowboy. Make a personalised welcome sign at the entrance. More items to personalise include mason jars, milk glasses, and drink containers.

Western style food and drinks

For a western themed party, more food is always better as the cowboys and cowgirls have to work hard on the ranch. A buffet style fare would include baked beans, pulled pork, corn muffins and veggies. Mini pies will be a hit with the kids.

Cowcowboy-decorboy fun and games

There are never dull moments on the farm. You can start with a simple game of stick horse race. There is also ‘Pin the Tail on the Cow’ which is simple to put together with butcher paper and coloured pencils.

Erect a photo booth for great pictures with western style backgrounds and cowboy and cowgirl outfits.

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