Tips for a Magical Birthday Decoration with Sassy Balloons

happy bdayLet’s face it: no birthday party — be it your 1st, 16th, or 70th — can make do without balloon decorations. Well, it’s not just birthday celebration. Any affair becomes festive and alive when the whole venue is bedizened with balloons of all shapes, colours, designs, sizes, and materials. To learn how to spruce up a wedding decoration with all sorts of balloons, from mini numbered and letter megaloons to huge lollipops, here’s a good read.

That said, here are sizzling tips on how to create magical birthday decoration with balloons.

Fill Up the Balloons the Day Before

It’s well-known, but prepping for a birthday celebration can get hectic. So much so during the day that a simple thing as inflating the balloons can be forgotten. Of course, filling the balloons with air can be time-consuming. So why not fill them the day before the celebration? Worried that they might deflate? Worry no more. Tucking them away in a plastic bag as soon as they are inflated will certainly do the trick.

Buying Tip: Go for User-Friendly and Safe Balloons like Latex and Foil

ponyAir-filled foil balloons have gained increased traction with most kiddie birthday parties over the past few years. And for a great reason. They are not only airtight, but also self-sealing and quite lightweight. Besides, when they pop, the foil balloons chunk down into pieces that don’t pose any choking hazard. On its side, latex balloons are popular because they are familiar, colourful and can be filled with helium, water or air.

Choose Foil Balloons for Number or Letter Decorations

Again, foil balloons are perfect for birthday decors. Of more importance, however, is that the materials comprising foil neither shrink nor expand, enabling decorators to showcase fabulous age numbers and birthday letters. How does that sound for spelling “happy birthday”? You will never go wrong with giant letter and number megaloon balloons.

xoxo-Valentine-balloon-kitVariety is King

When it comes to birthday parties, going all in with sassy balloons is important. With all the variety of shapes, colours, sizes, materials, and designs of balloons, there’s no reason to dial it down. For most kiddie birthday celebrations, however, it’s best to decorate around the cake with balloons that actually compliment the colour(s) of the cake.

Concluding, dressing up your birthday party venue with all sorts of balloons will take it from a drab to fab in a breeze. With a little ingenuity and above ideas, you can turn any birthday celebration into a festive affair.

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