Movie-Themed Birthday Party Planning

foil super shape balloon – casino suite spadesBirthday party planning may be tiring and time-consuming, but it’s an enjoyable task, especially if you’re starting with creative theme ideas. Among the most fun and interesting theme categories for both the organizer and the guests is a movie party. You can generate endless creative ideas for a party like this. You can do this for all ages, venues, and seasons. You can also customize it to fit any budget.

To help you have a lovely movie-themed party that the celebrant and guests will remember, you need to plan well from choosing which movie title or genre to the details of the food and favors.


The best way to select the specific movie theme is to find out the favorites of the celebrant. It would also be perfect if the theme were something you know that his or her guests will enjoy.

For instance, if sophisticated birthday party ideas for adults are what you need, you can think along the lines of the James Bond franchise. You can get inspiration from the film “Casino Royale”, which is card night party invitationsactually based on the novel that introduced British Secret Service agent James Bond to the world. In this case, you would do well to choose casino party supplies.


Your invites, while taken for granted most of the time, is an essential part of a themed party. It introduces the invited guests to the event, so it really should represent perfectly your chosen concept. It also encourages guests to dress up according to the theme – which is another important item for a successful themed event.

Your Bond party can have an invite with curved edges like the female silhouettes in most of its movie intros. You might also want to consider buying ready-to-fill-out invites like these card night party invitations.


casino doorway curtainOf course, your guests need to feel the party as soon as they get to the venue. From the entrance, which you can dress up with a casino doorway curtain to the tables, you need to have the colors and designs right. You could stick ‘suit’ cut outs on the walls. Some even make the effort of dressing up the washrooms.

It would also be a good idea to hang foil super shape balloon – casino suite spades that are also available in other shapes (heart, diamond, and club).


suit cut outsOf course, planning a birthday party with a specific motif should have food that matches everything else in the venue. The birthday cake usually sets the theme for the food and drinks served.

You can buy a simple cake and put in your own decorations, or you can have the whole cake made by a professional baker. You can serve the food on casino night lunch plates


Your games and entertainment should go with the entire party setting. If you have a couple of flat screens in your venue, you can play films that go with the theme – just remember to minimize or totally casino style Texas Holdem 200 chip poker setmute the volume. You can complement this with the soundtrack or matching music with your theme. Any audio played, however, should be at a volume level that still lets people have a conversation.

Mr. Bond’s party can have a real poker session, especially if you have a small number of guests. You can use this casino style Texas Holdem 200 chip poker set. However, you can also have a game of charades featuring the many films in the Bond series.

Indeed, a movie-themed party can give you a whole array of ideas. You just need to make sure that the film or genre is something that the celebrant loves and that the guests will enjoy, too.

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