Must Have Kids’ Party Supplies on a Budget

Paw Patrol Lunch PlatesAdmit it. You’re one of those who want to style and throw a fabulous birthday party for your kid but your budget is keeping you from going all out. All you need is to stock on essential kids’ party supplies, which can be purchased from your favorite dollar store. These items are multi-functional and can be used in a number of times depending on how creative you are.

Keep These Top Kids Party Supplies Handy

It’s best to think of a theme for a kids’ party that’s gender neutral. For instance, you can use party supplies with Paw Patrol character prints on them. Check out some of these supplies:

  • Paw Patrol Square Lunch Plates, Cups, and Napkins: Apart from their conventional usage, you can also employ these disposable items as craft materials for making masks, backdrop, and game props. They make post-party cleaning chores easier without fear of breaking anything valuable.
  • Plastic Table Coverings: These are probably one of the most versatile items to be had from the dollar store. The Paw Patrol tablecover may be used to protect your furniture from food and drink spills, or you can cut them into the right size to create durable loot bags for all the party goodie Paw Patrol Table Covertreats. You can even drape them as backdrop curtain for the buffet table. Buy them in different colors and delight kids with the festive mood by layering them in the party area.
  • Plastic Serving Pieces: Another stress-free cleanup items to get are plastic serving pieces that come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Even if they’re disposable, you can still recycle them after a thorough cleaning. Just layer patterned paper or colorful napkins on the bottom to match with the current theme.
  • Table décor: You can use this Paw Patrol table decoration kit or several of it to keep the fun flowing. The kids will surely be giddy with excitement when they see their favorite Paw Patrol characters “sharing” their tables with them.
  • Balloons: Balloons are one of the most essential kids party supplies to have. Seeing foil balloon Paw Patrol can easily make children shriek with delight. Even if you’re not using helium to inflate them, balloons are big party boosters. Blow up and tie a bunch together to a pole or create a Paw Patrol Foil Ballooncolorful arch at the entrance to instantly perk the party mood of your wee guests. They are a fixture at any dollar store so it won’t be a problem searching for them in large quantity.
  • Construction Paper or Poster Board: Stock on these art and craft materials to make name tags, goodie bags, place cards, and other projects that can stand the test against little playful hands during the party. You can also make noodle boxes or popcorn bags for kids to fill up with snack items they like.
  • Loot Bag Stuffers: Hoard an assortment of goodie bag items. When the time comes to throw a kid’s party, pull out your tricky surprise. Combine fun candies, puzzles, soap bubbles, Paw Patrol mini erasers, and other silly treats that you need for kids to enjoy the party more.
  • Kitchen Towel and Napkins: A really must-have item whenever there is a gathering of kids in Paw Patrol Lunch Napkinsone place. The Paw Patrol lunch napkins are not only great for wiping stained faces and hands, these party supplies can also be transformed into pompoms and flowers to provided depth to your backdrop layers. If you choose the flowery design, you can use them to layer your cookie serving trays.

There you have the top Paw Patrol party supplies you should never be caught without when you host a bash for your child. You can be creative and fabulous without breaking your budget, and still have a party that has all the ingredients of fun.

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