Best party-starting cocktails

Chilli and Coconut Martini A chilli and coconut martini looks wicked, and before you know it, it’ll have the whole room buzzing. For each martini you’ll need 30ml of 42 Below Vodka, 30ml chilli-infused vodka


What about latex balloon litter?

Balloons are not a significant littler problem. During a nationwide beach cleanup in 1992, volunteers collected more than 614,433 bottles and cans, but found fewer than 32,000 balloon pieces. These pieces—collected over more than 4,600

Sea turtle

Are sea mammals at risk?

Although many stories have been repeated about sea creatures dying from balloons, extensive research by the industry and reporters has yet to verify one such story. In one study of 439 dead sea cows over

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Are latex balloons biodegradable?

Latex is a 100-percent natural substance that breaks down both in sunlight and water. The degradation process begins almost immediately. Oxidation, the “frosting” that makes latex balloons look as if they are losing their color,

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When were balloons invented?

Balloons—in one form or another—have been around for centuries. But the modern latex balloon—the kind you can blow up yourself—was invented in New England during the Great Depression. A chemical engineer, frustrated in his attempts

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