Posh Ideas to Ace Your British-Inspired Party

brit costumeDon’t we all love British things? Interesting accents, big football clubs, and posh whiskeys are much loved. Anglophiles all over the world are increasingly showing their love for the queen’s land by throwing British-themed parties. It is simple to throw a posh British themed party. Here are a few ideas to help you along:

English pub party

The British love for spending time in warm comfy pubs is legendary. Take your party to a real English pub. Rent the pub for the party and decorate in a British theme. Hang a huge British flag above the counter. Flags of different popular English football clubs can be hung on the walls. Have the bar man greet the guests in honorifics like ‘mate’ or ‘guv.’ white-bonnet-2

British food

Although British food is not as famous as the whiskeys and beers, you can still make killer dishes from British recipes on the net. The easiest is of course fish and chips. Serve it with a healthy salad of cucumber and tomatoes. Splash some malt vinegar and add some sauce and everything is proper.

Famished guests can be welcomed with sausage rolls as they wait for the beef wellington. Serve the classic English trifle pudding which is layered with fresh fruit, sponge cake, and pudding.

LCPC016-british-cupsBritish drinks

Whiskey, beer, port, rum, gin, and any other type of drink you can think of will have a British kind. Of course, for a posh party, you are looking at the finest Scotch whiskeys. 18-year-old Johnnie Walker and 15-year-old Chivas Regal will do the trick for your guests who love some fire in their bellies.

Your offer of drinks would not be complete without the Pimms cocktail. There are different recipes to make this cocktail, but the basic are Pimms, lemonade, herbs, and orange juice. Make a royal serving by mixing with Champagne instead of lemonade. pirate commander


Nothing passes the time properly for the British like having a bit of the brew. The classic British way is to have it with a splash of milk. Butter cookies will go very well with tea.


The classic British symbol is the union jack. Dominate your party venue in Union Jack colours. You can hang it on the walls, have it for tablecloths and request your guests to have it somewhere on their outfit, for example, a cap. Union Jack branded items like glasses will complete the setting.

Games and fun

British trivia will jog the memories of your British loving friends. Tune in to BBC or have the English premier league playing in the background.

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