Remembering Small Party Details Makes a Big Difference

image001We all know that planning a party entails many details. Regardless of how grand or intimate the celebration is, the difference lies in how you take care of the “minor” details that often bring out the “WOW” factor. It all sounds very basic until you realize that some of the most crucial details have been forgotten or missed out in all the frenzy. Thus, “Oh no, I forgot!” has become the usual lame mantra for hosts.

To bring out the expected result, you need to go through every planning step carefully. It is easy to tackle the essential elements such as theme, invitations, venue decorations, and menu. You may have all these important ingredients, but what will truly make the event stand out are the little things frequently overlooked. These are small parts that you need to put together to create a perfect party that will make you proud.

  • Directional Signs: Hosts always assume that guests can find their way to theimage002 venue. Always consider the possibility that some may need directions. In addition to a sketch map or written directions to guide guests, set up small directional signs in strategic locations along the way. You can tie custom printed balloons around the signs, posts, fences, or trees as giveaway clues to prevent guests from getting lost. If your street has no signpost, you can consider hanging a welcome giant banner that can put visitors at ease knowing they’re on the right track.
  • Lighting: Providing the right lighting can make the guests feel good knowing image004they look good. Nothing can be more unflattering than bright overhead lights. Therefore, use colored lighting instead by installing 4 way disco light chaser to perk up a dull space. Turn the main party area into an extravagant hall by hanging Hippie lava lamp whirls or fiesta lanterns to transform the place into a festive scene. You can also place scented tea lights in the bathroom to make it a relaxing zone for guests.
  • Parking: It can be frustrating for guests to drive in circles looking for a respectable parking space near the venue. If the party is held in your subdivision that bans or limits on-street parking, consider hiring a valet so that parking becomes the least of your guests’ concern.
  • Seats: The question usually asked is how many chairs must be brought in. There are two schools of thought to be considered when determining the number of chairs. Firstly, the less chairs there are, the more chances that people will socialize with each other. This ideally works for corporate parties where interaction is necessary. However, this may not be applicable if the party is held at home. You don’t want every flat surface in the house to become a chair. For that matter, bring in more chairs. If you can’t borrow enough from the neighbors, you can always consider renting.
  • Thank You Card/Note: Etiquette requires sending a thank you card or note forimage006 a gift received or anytime you feel you owe it to someone. Every gift giver deserves a thank you card. However, hosts attending to the hustle and bustle of the party aftermath often overlook this simple act. It is customary to send out the card within a week after the party. Nevertheless, you can still send two weeks or a month after, because it’s better late than never, so to speak. A few thoughtful words to apologize will suffice, but make no excuses for there is simply none.

Listing down all the essentials can help you organize your act. However, don’t miss out the small details because these can tip the scale when planning a party.

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