Safety Tips for 4th of July Party Celebrations


How convenient is it that the most popular holiday is right in the middle of the year? 4th of July for most people means getting together with friends and family to enjoy a proper home cooked meal. If you will be hosting the party this year, chances are that you have this one time in a whole year or even years to impress your guests. The easiest way to achieve this is to do some cleaning: your guests will appreciate a clean space and you will also feel confident having people around. Apart from eating, the 4th of July is the perfect excuse for taking alcohol, cracking a few fireworks, and lighting a bonfire. All these activities have some of the levels of risk involved so caution must be exercised. Here are tips to keep you and your guests safe during this auspicious occasion. wall decor

House cleaning tips

It’s amazing how time flies when you are planning for a grand occasion. If you are caught up with time and have no way of squeezing in a general cleaning into your busy schedule, consider cleaning specific areas of the house only. The front porch is a top priority because that is the first area your guests see as they enter the house. Door panels are next since there might be a lot of movement around the house. Another are meal preparation and sitting areas since these are usually the ones where most people’s time will be spent. If you have recreational facilities within the premises such as a swimming pool or entertainment room, vacuum clean the facilities as some guests may want to spend time there. 6-bon-nons-gold


It’s a tradition all over the world to celebrate Independence days by holding a fireworks display session. Did you know that Large re-loadable mortar shells, Ariel bombs, Large firecrackers, Cherry bombs, and M-80 salutes are types of fireworks that are illegal in most places because of the level of danger associated with burning them? Make sure that you only purchase licensed fireworks and the best assurance is to buy from an authorised dealer. It is also important to only handle them under supervision from an experienced adult to avoid accidents. You can also check out bon bons and fire crackers as safer alternatives.

Outdoor fires

Who wants to stay indoors at night when everybody else is outside singing patriotic songs? You might not want to leave your compound but being outside the house can be quite chilly. If you opt for a grill to keep you warm, keep it at a corner where running kids and pets will not topple it. The fire should be lit in a free area clear from hanging branches or flowing upholstery.  285mL_Middi_full-500x500


Such a major holiday like this one must have an array of beverages and for those who take alcohol, there must be plenty. Keep alcohol away from minors and drinking adults should indulge responsibly.

Worst case scenario on 4th of July? A fire breaks out or someone drowns in the swimming pool. Organise for one person to keep the charge of the celebrations, scouting for anything that would go wrong. In case it does, have a first aid kit, fire extinguishers, and vehicles to rush casualties to the hospital.

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