Six Tips for a Successful Golden Anniversary Party

A 50th anniversary is an important milestone in the life of any person, whether it is a birthday, wedding, or company foundation. It is a celebration of 50 long years ofimage001 existence and accomplishments. For a person, turning 50 is a commemoration of life in its halfway point; for a married couple, a golden wedding anniversary is a rare occasion that not so many couples have achieved in their relationship; while for a company that has survived for 50 years there are certainly countless reasons to celebrate.

All anniversaries are important, but perhaps nothing can be more so than a year that ends with a huge zero. In an era when people spend thousands of money just to stay young, it is indeed a milestone to reach the golden anniversary. Whether you’re the celebrant or you’re tasked to plan the special affair for your loved ones or your company, the key is in finding all the resources you need to make the occasion stand out with pomp and grandeur. Start your search by visiting not only to get valuable ideas, but also to source out everything you’ll need for an ultimate golden anniversary party.

image004Apart from conceptualizing a great party theme to anchor the Party Accessories and Decorations, seasoned party planners suggest that the honoree’s favorite foods, music, and other passions be incorporated into the celebration. Here are six tips for throwing an unforgettable golden party.

  • Tip #1: The rule of thumb is to have enough food and drinks all the time. Always estimate the capacity of guests to eat too much than assume they would eat much less.
  • Tip #2: Walk through the party as if you’re one of the guests. From that point of view, you can see where the pitfalls lie. Then, provide your remedial touch to make sure the party flows according to plans.
  • Tip #3: Capture the golden moment. Hire a professional photographer to immortalize snippets of the happy occasion. After all, the photos are the only lasting memories to relive this rare occasion. Depending on the theme, you can provide many appropriate Fancy Dress and Party Costumes to grace the affair with the attendance of disguised celebrities.
  • Tip #4: Splatter the venue with little things to remind the importance of the big event. If it’s a birthday, fill the area with 50th Birthday Party Supplies fromimage002 birthday napkins to party cascade centerpiece. A celebration for a golden wedding anniversary stands out with hanging gold strings and heart shaped foil balloons. On the other hand, a 50th company foundation anniversary can be staged with gold streamers and garlands to create a sparkling mood.
  • Tip #5: Hire professional help to cater and serve the food and drinks. Doing so would allow you to enjoy your time in the company of guests who are obviously having fun out of the effort you’ve made. Leaving all the works to trusted hands provides you priceless memories that you could have otherwise missed had you personally attended to every detail.
  • Tip #6: Set up an interactive photo opportunity area where guests can have theimage006 chance to pose with a life-size cutout of the star of the event. This time you can provide plenty of celebratory hats to complete the party picture. This is a rare chance for employees to stand alongside the company’s top executives even if they remain frozen in the same smile.

The importance of a 50th anniversary cannot be undermined. A person turning 50 is given a new lease on life; a 50th wedding anniversary for a couple is a rarity especially during this time of rampant divorce and separation; a 50th foundation anniversary for a company symbolizes strength and stability amidst unstable economy. Regardless of the occasion, a golden anniversary is an occasion that calls for a golden celebration.

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