Sticking to the Basics When Planning Themed Parties

American US pride snack platesParties are fun, but you have to admit that plain parties can get a tad boring. What do we mean by plain parties? Well, those would have to be parties where guests simply come in their casual clothes, nibble on cocktails, engage in small talk, sit around the dining table when the host calls for dinner, enjoy some meaningful chit-chat over dessert and wine, then leave.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong in that setting. Nevertheless, if you want your parties to be fun and memorable, you need to inject various elements into it. The best way to do that is by incorporating themes into your parties.

“It’s hard to plan a themed party,” you might whine. No, it’s not, and you don’t even need the help of a party planner to host the best party. You just need a party-planning list, an awesome menu, and the right party supplies. Here’s a fun suggestion that you might want to explore in your next party.

Donald Trump billionaire youre fired wig

Since it’s election season in the United States and there are a couple of interesting candidates vying for the top position in U.S. politics, why not use that as theme for your party? No, you don’t need to get into the nitty-gritty of politics. Just let your imagination run wild. Here are a few tips to help you plan a fun U.S. election-inspired party.

Buntings & Pennants

Elections are often associated with various paraphernalia and gimmickry. You’ll see faces of candidates plastered everywhere through buntings, banners, and pennants. In this case, since you’re not really supporting any candidate, you can use American – outdoor pennant red, white, & blue to hang around the exterior of your house. You can use it as a landmark so your guests won’t have a difficult time searching for your house. Inside, you can hang American flag bunting around the edge of your ceiling.

american outdoor pennant banner red white blue

Decorations & Balloons

You don’t want to go over the top with your decorations, but since you’re going with a theme, you need to make people aware that one is in place. A good way to for them to imbibe the U.S. election theme is through patriotic red, white, & blue hanging foil whirls that you can hang from the ceiling. You can also tie foil balloon – American flag stars & stripes on chairs or hang them around the house. Both decorations are not too flamboyant nor too plain and would be perfect for the theme.


american valor party cupsYou can search the Internet for easy-to-prepare recipes, but a good suggestion would be fancy sandwiches, barbecue, salads, hamburgers, or anything “American”. You can serve them buffet-style. Just make sure you have ample supply of American US pride snack plates and American valor party cups to keep the food and drinks flowing.


Ask your guests to come in costumes or clothes patterned after the styles of U.S. presidents past, foil balloon - american flag stars & stripespresent, and future. One popular candidate in the upcoming elections is Donald Trump, and you won’t go wrong if you wear a Donald Trump Billionaire You’re Fired wig. You could also ask them to wear superhero costumes, particularly of heroes from the Avengers and Justice League – Captain America, Wonder Woman, Superman, etc.

Stick to the basics when planning a themed party, but make sure you incorporate elements to make the theme stand out. Happy planning!

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