Summer Sailing Right on Your Turf

Celebrate a tradition that has long been observed as an Australian summertime image001sport – the Sydney to Hobart yacht race. The annual ocean yacht race is regarded as one of the most difficult racing events in the world. It begins on December 26, Boxing Day, at the Nielsen Park in Sydney Harbour and finishes its 1170 kilometers in Hobart, Tasmania. The race finishes in time to coincide with the city’s New Year’s Eve celebrations.

What else could the reason be for not throwing your own party to toast the colorful event, Boxing Day, and New Year’s Day? If you cannot be around Sydney Harbour you can set your own sail at home and host a Hawaiian party that bubbles with fun, food, drinks, and activities to celebrate this wonderful season. A Hawaiian theme is an ideal concept for parties regardless of what time of the year may be. It is great for beating the summer heat and for warming up the winter days, a way of bringing cheers to whatever occasion and wholesomeness for all age groups. Planning is as easy and breezy as visiting an online shop that offers complete line-up of Hawaiian party supplies to make your friends feel good even if you all cannot make it to the Sydney Harbour foreshore.

image002Sail Ahoy! Firstly, make sure to mention in the luau invitation that everyone must be dressed up in Hawaiian costumes. Set the trend by donning a multi-colored hula skirt topped with either a white shell bra or multi-colored bra. Stock plenty of flower leis in mixture of colors to greet the guests with as they arrive. Be ready to give away cocktail novelty sunglasses in case some partygoers forgot to bring their own pair. All these make everyone ready for your homemade Sydney Harbour venue. How can everyone not still feel good as he or she mingles around with the serene water and blue sky as the perfect background set on insta-theme scene? Spread out cardboard palm trees that look too real. What’s a Hawaiian party without pineapples? If you can’t find fresh ones from the local supermarket, pineapple cutouts and paper garlands will work just fine as festive decorations.

Luau Feast:  A Hawaiian style party can be held anywhere at home, whether in the image003garden, living room, or a small room. You’re lucky if you have a pool in the yard because that will tip the party scale a notch higher. Nevertheless, BBQ buffet of roasted Kalua pig, teriyaki beef or chicken, grilled fish, and macadamia nut crusted shrimp will be a feast. You may also serve Hawaiian pizzas and Hawaiian rice to complete the menu. Make sure there are many fresh fruits around the tropical island centerpiece set upon the buffet table with Hawaiian grass skirting.

Serving drinks can be done in many creative ways. A fantastic idea is to cut open coconuts in half, scrape off the meat, and use the shells as drinking vessels. Or image005you may opt to use plastic coconut cups or handpainted Margarita glasses. If you decide to serve alcoholic cocktails then mojito or Hawaiian fruit punch with light and dark rum is best. If there are children, offer appleade or berry surprise in luau cups fitted with mini umbrellas and fruit wedges.

In order not to miss the real fun, set up a screen in the party area for the live streaming of the Sydney to Hobart yacht race. Everyone will be scrambling to secure a front seat spot to watch the event. If that colorful spectacle has made your guests even hungrier and thirstier, make sure there are enough scrumptious goodies and cheers flowing to keep the festive mood from start to finish.

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