The Fundamentals in Planning a Preschool Birthday Party

image002Children always look forward to their birthday and consider it as a special holiday. They expect there will be a party complete with cake, balloons, games, and gifts. What parents will not melt down at a preschool’s birthday wishes without feeling stressed at the thought of entertaining a bunch of children in the same age range?

Whether you decide to throw a large theme kids’ party event or opt for a small gathering of family and close friend, it is important to consider the birthday celebrant’s age and preferences in conjunction with your family lifestyle and resources. Start to plan the birthday party by meeting with your child.

  • Pick a Theme. Having a party theme helps to make all the party elements image004cohesive. Whether your pre-schooler loves superheroes, Disney princesses, or sports, you can do yourself a great favour by sourcing all themed kid’s party supplies from an online shop with goodies that span the spectrum, ranging from fancy costumes and accessories to tableware and decorations. You can also stretch the theme thing to the party food and activities. For instance, you can garnish the cake with butterfly pick candles to make your little girl feel like a fairy, or with cars – 3D candles for the birthday boy to have a blast like a F1 racer. Regardless of venue, the theme is an important component your child wants to be involved with.
  • Find a Venue. Although there’s no better place to hold your kid’s birthday party than your own home, you can find another suitable venue for it. Therefore, if you don’t want your carpet, upholstery, precious collections, and handsome lawn to be ruined by pre-schoolers, book an appropriate place several months in advance. Good party venues are reserved quite early. Other options include the local park, private recreation room, and the local day care center. You can even commission the teachers to take charge in running the party, the kids, and in decorating the place to match the party theme.
  • Include Crucial Details in the Invitation. The invitation must include all the vital information, such as date, time, venue, and theme. Keep in mind that other parents are entrusting their preschool kids to your care so it is important to clarify some nuggets of information. Specify if the kids should be accompanied by an adult to stay or be dropped off then picked up later. If you prefer the latter, remember to obtain contact numbers in case some problems arise. It is also important to include RSVP cards instructing parents to advice you about certain foods their kids are allergic to. Whether the party is at home or in another venue, always include the inclusive time in the invites.
  • Organize Activities. Ideally, pre-schooler parties should last for a maximum of two hours, considering the volatile temperaments of children in this age group. The same concern applies in planning party activities. It is best to schedule short segments with 10 to 15 minute intervals to avoid irritating the wee guests who particularly dislike waiting long. So when organizing games and entertainment think of lots of colors and action-packed games that can grab the children’s attention for long and keep them busy.

If you’re hiring entertainers, ask how long their performances last, and how much space they require. If you’re strict on budget, consider hiring members of the local high school drama club to perform for the kids. Alternatively, you may hire art students to do face painting using non-toxic body and face paint.

  • Feed the Little Guests. Pizza is the most convenient food fare to serve in preschool parties. However, you have endless options when you want the kids to have the energy for all the activities. However, this is not the time for gourmet entrees. In fact, all kids will be happy to share the quintessential party foods like hot dogs, sundaes, and tasty sandwiches, cheese flavored crackers, chicken nuggets, fruit skewers, popcorn, chips, and dips, and other great party favorites even adults will love to partake. Apart from being easy to prepare, they are also friendly to the pocket. Chances are your wee guests will be too pre-occupied with other things that they have barely any time to sit down and eat much.

image008It might be a little different when it’s time to serve the cake. Talk to your child about the cake’s design. Whether you’re ordering or baking the cake, it provides you an opportunity to incorporate the theme by decorating it with related stuff like small toys. Yummy party cakes can be placed in themed cupcake holders adorned with matching picks on top. Stock up on plenty of party napkins to wipe away anything. With pre-schoolers around, you’ll never know what their little hands will touch next.

  • Give the Kids a Big Favor. Well, that’s how kids’ parties are. After feeding image006and entertaining your guests, you’re obligated to hand out loot bags as you send them home at the end. Lucky you because there are plenty of options to give as parting tokens – pirate figurines, mini pinwheels, stickers, art supplies, etc., all these are enough to thrill the children as they leave. Whatever you give away, make sure each bag is properly labeled with the kid’s name.

Keep in mind that the objective of the day is to make your child feel special on the day of his/her birth. Involving the kid in party planning does not only reduce your stress, but you’re provided with fresh ideas that can result to fun and good memories. More importantly, you’re allowing your child to play an important role in planning for the birthday party, making him/her feel like a responsible grown-up already.

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