The Smart Way of Planning a Wedding

Tying the knot is one of the major decisions a couple can make. Given that this is an important milestone to mark the start of a wedded union, it only makes sense forimage001 both bride and groom-to-be to lay all cards to make the wedding day memorable. The sheer thought of planning the wedding can be daunting in itself that many couples prefer not to stress themselves, instead they hire a wedding planner.

However, not all engaged lovers can afford that costly option. Some are taking the DIY route by planning their own wedding. However, with so many things to do, how would the couple know where to begin? Thankfully, there are online resources such as to find all the wedding decorations and party supplies needed for putting up one unforgettable wedding celebration.

The entire process can be surprisingly fun and exciting. If the couple can start with plenty of time and remain organized within the set budget, they can achieve the ultimate dream wedding. The key is in tackling the big wedding staples and setting them in place early on during the planning stage. Once they are out of the way, the couple can consider themselves halfway successful and ready to move on to the nitty-gritty of the wedding arrangement.

  • Venue: There are many locations to be considered as wedding venue. Traditionally, weddings take place in houses of worship like churches and chapels. Some couples prefer outdoor weddings either in a garden or on the image002beach with a background of romantic scenery. When considering this type of setting, it is crucial to choose an auspicious date carefully without any looming rains and thunderstorms for obvious reasons. Other public venues such as hotels and restaurants can also be rented out for wedding ceremonies.

Regardless of any chosen venue, it is important to make early reservations. Apart from ensuring that you have a location, this also allows you to streamline the other details in your checklist. After confirming the date and location, you can already proceed to the other big items.

  • Invitation: Making your own fabulous Wedding invitations is one way of giving your personal touch. Ideally, invitations are sent out eight weeks before the wedding to give guests ample time to prepare their schedule, make travel arrangements if they live far, and to buy gifts. A good three weeks before the date can give you an idea of the final head count and allow you to start with the seating arrangement.
  • Decorations: Many couples hire a decorator to set the mood and ambiance for the wedding ceremony. Nevertheless, if you possess the knack for decorating an area where you’ll say “I do” to your special someone, you can use your ownimage004 skills in expressing the theme of the wedding. Create a solemn atmosphere by placing lovely luminiere bags for beam of tea lights to shine with different patterns. How can not everyone tell your heavenly feeling as you walk down the aisle on white fabric floor runner? It’s indeed a dream wedding come true!
  • Reception: There are many possible places to hold the reception party after the wedding ceremony. An ideal place is somewhere near the ceremony room. If it’s in a different location, provide a directional map to help guests in finding their way. Make sure to serve enough food and drinks to satisfy all of the guests. Plan for the best man and the maid-of-honor to offer the ceremonial toasts as double bubble champagne balloons float above the air. What wedding reception goes without the traditional cutting of the cake? With a ceramic bride and groom atop, the cake will surely be the center of attention once you’ve cut and let everyone get their own slice of it.

A wedding celebration is a joyous event, but it can turn into a disaster if no proper preparations are put into it. Get started on the right track by following these tips and enjoy the first day of your marital bliss without stressing yourself in the process.

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