The Spoil-Proof Surprise Scheme

It takes skilful organization, agility and a lot of conspiracy to pull off a surprise image001party. Whatever the reason for the celebration – birthday, wedding anniversary, or a bridal shower, a surprise party never fails to pleasantly astonish the victim of the grand scenario. But, seeing all the amazement and delight on the target’s face is well worth all the trouble you’ve put up with – that is, if everything remains a secret till it’s show time.

To organize a surprise party means to ask everyone to stick by its number one rule: Zip the mouth. Tell each invited guest not to talk at all about the surprise party and to keep all details in top secret. The worst thing that can happen before the party is when someone blurts about even the smallest thing about the party to the celebrant, who, unfortunately in this case, is one of the smartest beings in the world.

And what other steps do you need to do to make the surprise a success? Take note of the following tips.

  • Get help from your trusted accomplice, not the whole entourage. Too many cooks spoil the broth; thus, it’s crucial not to reveal the whole plan to too many people. But, it’s also important to have one (just one!) partner in crime who can assist you in making things easier. Make sure this person is someone you can really trust to keep a secret while maintaining a straight face. Your accomplice diverts the honouree’s attention as he removes all the scent of the thickening plot. Ideally, your accomplice shouldn’t be someone who lives with the victim so you can freely talk about the on-going preparations without the fear of being caught red-handed.
  • Make it clear in the invitation that everything should be kept secret. Use carefulimage004 invitation wording to inform people that the party is a surprise party. Indicate that your guests are being trusted not to spill the beans, intentionally or accidentally. This subtly stresses the importance of keeping their lips sealed. Direct RSVPs to a different number or email address unknown to the celebrant to prevent him from hinting at anything. This is particularly applicable if you’re planning for someone who lives with you or someone that you work with everyday.
  • Specify to each guest all the important details of the party. Ask the guests to come at the specified time and place. Tell them also to wear the outfit in line with theme, if you’re planning a costume party. You may tell them to wear party and costume wigs to impersonate some favourite celebrities of the “Star of the Night” to fit an event bedecked with glitzy Hollywood or movie party supplies and decorations. Make sure the celebrant is also appropriately dressed so the real star will really shine in his or her own show.
  • Strategize the diversion. Designate your accomplice to stay with the celebrant until everything is all set. If the party is going to be held at the celebrant’s home, instruct guests to park discreetly. You may also request the use of your neighbour’s driveway. Too many cars parked in the front yard are tell-tale signs that can ruin the element of surprise. To be consistent, avoid putting party decorations outside the house.

A better way to mislead the celebrant is to flaunt an intimate fake party to keep the surprise party well under the shadow. This effectively diverts his attention, happily thinking he’s being honoured yet totally unsuspecting of this mammoth party that’s under wraps.

  • Capture the “surprise”. The look on the honouree’s face the moment the spotlight is focused on him or her is the highlight of the whole party. Whether the celebrant shrieks in delight or shed unspoken tears as confetti cannons signal his or her arrival, be ready with cameras of all kinds. It’s the priceless reward for all your efforts.

After capturing all those images of shock, embarrassment, joy and all kinds of emotions, you can all then simply enjoy the rest of the gathering. The surprise party becomes even more successful and unforgettable when you’ve made sure there are enough food, drinks and entertainment to keep the celebrant and the guests happy all night long.

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