Thoughtful Centennial Birthday Party for Nanna or Pop

If there is one birthday year you should never skip, it’s the centennial or the 100th year. Such a milestone truly calls for a grand celebration. By grand, we don’t mean it has to be very expensive. It can be a simple or low-key celebration with just the closest relatives and members of the family. But whether it’s a huge celebration or just an intimate one, there are tons of ideas to make your grandma’s or grandpa’s special day unique and memorable.

100thbdatcentrepiecChoosing The Perfect Location

Where you throw the party is crucial since your guest of honour and some of the guests may have some issues with mobility. The best idea is to have the event where the guest of honour already is. For instance, if grandma is living in an assisted living facility, you can ask the nursing home if they have function rooms large enough for you to throw a birthday party. If the party’s going to be grand, an event facility would be the perfect choice as the centre can help you with all the planning and preparation. Finally, if the guest of honour lives with family, you can have the celebration at home, or even at a relative’s house that’s just within the area.

q41646Hobbies & Interests As Theme

The fact that the guest of honour has reached 100 years old is amazing enough, so the party doesn’t really need any fancy theme. However, should you decide to have a theme, see to it that it’s centred around the special interests of the guest of honour. Does he love art? Is he an animal lover? Is she a sports enthusiast? If the celebrant is a music lover, perhaps you can invite a band to play some of his favourite songs throughout the party. Working your grandma’s or grandpa’s hobbies and interests into the theme makes the party more fun and unique.

u16076Taking Guest’s Age Range Into Account

The guest of honour will most likely have senior guests, especially if he’s staying in a nursing home. However, you should keep in mind, too, that there will definitely be kids in the party. Taking this factor into consideration is good. If most of the guests are seniors, plan on having menu options that are lighter. Salads and sandwiches should be excellent choices, but acidic dishes and spicy foods are a big no-no. Don’t plan on serving caffeinated drinks, too, as they won’t be appreciated.

581360_bGiving Special Attention To The Guest Of Honour

Nanna or pop would love the special attention on their big day. One way you can make the guest of honour really feel special is by showing a movie presentation of his life. Compile photos and videos and come up with a two- to three-minute movie showcasing the significant moments in his life. You can pause now and then, asking guests what they can share about a particular photo or video of the celebrant.

Nothing beats a souvenir made of some of the best memories of the celebration. As guests arrive, invite them for a quick pose in front of a camera you’ve set up in a corner, a beautiful backdrop behind them. As they leave late in the evening, send them home with a copy of their photo.

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