Throwing An Ultimate Surprise Party For Any Occasion

Surprise parties are definitely the best parties, especially when they’re done right. Even those who don’t naturally love surprises might change their minds if you can pull off something compelling. It’s easier said than done, however, especially since a surprise party is dependent on a lot of things, things that when not executed correctly may ruin the entire idea altogether. We’ve put together some tips to make sure your next surprise party would be disaster free and so that you won’t have to simply cross your fingers and hope everything goes according to plan.

Don’t Leave A Trailconfetti-balloon-3

You never want the person you’re planning the party for to pick up any clue, so make sure you don’t leave pieces of evidence behind. If the person is living with you, planning can be a bit more challenging. Instead of working on your plan in the evenings or weekends when you’re at home, get it done during your free time at work. Pen the invitations, surf the web for party supplies, and get the word out during your lunch break, for instance. You can also create a secret Facebook page or chat group, too. And if you want to be a hundred percent sure there’s no trail for anyone to follow, go old school and spread the word by contacting potential guests through the phone.

Keep Your “Victim” In The Dark

It’s really impossible to convince a person that you’ve forgotten their birthday if you’ve known that person for a long time. So instead of acting as if you have nothing in mind altogether, you can tell the person that you’re actually planning something. You can give him the details, but of course, you and everyone else know that there’s a surprise party. He’ll expect something on his birthday, but he’ll be caught off guard by what you’ve actually prepared for him.

Location Is Everything

15832-Champagne-foil-balloon-pinkChoosing the venue for the surprise is crucial, especially if you’re sharing a home with the person who’s having the birthday. You can’t simply have the surprise in your own place because he’ll know something’s up as soon as he sees everyone lining up outside moving slowly towards the door. Pick a different location like a new bar or restaurant and tell the celebrant you’re taking him there.

Time Is Of The Essence

This rule applies whether you’re throwing the party at home or in a different venue. People have a habit of coming to parties late even though they know it’s going to be a surprise. The key is to get everyone ready to yell “Surprise!” as soon as the celebrant arrives. If the birthday guy or gal will come at 7 o’clock, tell your guests to be there at least thirty minutes before. That way, even if they arrive late, they’ll be just in time for the surprise.

202767-500x500Watch Out For Loose Cannons

There’s no faster way to ruin any surprise party than to have loose cannons among your guests. You’d want to keep the guest list to a minimum, preferably to very close friends only. This will assure you that everyone invited would be as careful as you in keeping the big secret. If you have close pals, who are always excited about surprise parties and are not really good at keeping secrets, wait a day before the party to inform them.

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