Throwing a Silver/Golden Wedding Anniversary Party to Remember

anniversaryCommemorating years spent together is a special event to cherish. It is a day that marks a great milestone that can never be repeated. That is why it has to be a party to remember just like the wedding day. Make this day to remember with a few hints.

Set the date

The perfect date would be an exact date as the wedding. However, it is not always possible. There are other people’s schedules to consider. Consult all those who should not miss the event especially the children and grandchildren. Weekends and holidays look good but are met with other hectic schedules. A Friday is ideal.

Choose a venue

Favourite anniversary venues include:

  • Home lawn
  • The church hall
  • Favourite restaurant
  • The town hall (if it is a small community)
  • Country club
  • A reserved place in the neighbourhood park
  • A friend’s house

Invite the guests

The guest list should be carefully drawn up to include all those who have touched or been touched photpalbum1by the couple over the years. The immediate family should come first. Closest friends should then follow especially the best couple at the wedding. If the celebrating couple is still working, co-workers should get invited, too. The couple should have a great input in drawing up the guest list. Close friends can also point out people who would appreciate witnessing this crucial anniversary.

Food and drinks

This is easier to plan when the party is in a restaurant, country club, or hotel ballroom. For other venues, it is easier to hire an outside catering firm. Agree on a themed menu to include as many people as possible. Menu ideas to try out include casual barbecue, late brunch, or posh cocktail.

Remember to have a cake for the inevitable cake cutting.


There are different colour themes to try out. This could be the colours of the couple’s favourite team if they share one. The colour scheme can also match the season: for example, green in the spring. An all-white theme also works very well for anniversaries. Remember to choose flowers that go with the colour scheme.

Gift ideas5051325thanniversarycentrepiece

Personalised gifts are more appropriate. Silver gifts for the 25th anniversary and gold gifts for the 50th anniversary are more traditional but appreciated. Personalised gifts like ‘his and 5051650thanniversaycentrepiecehers’ engraved watches are more memorable. The couple will also appreciate a travel ticket to a holiday destination for their second honeymoon.

Tributes and toasts

Show the couple some appreciation by paying them tribute. This can be done by their closest friend. A film roll of their photos over the years can be projected on the wall. Have a toast to their long health with clinking sparkling cider.

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